Industrial Outsourcing Services
Guarantee performance and water quality with our outsourced water solutions

Water is a critical component used in nearly all industrial processes and, if not properly managed, can significantly impact your plant’s production uptime, profitability, and sustainability. However, since water may not directly drive profits, most plant investments are typically allocated to revenue-generating activities, not equipment upgrades or water treatment personnel.   

At Aquatech, our outsourced solutions are helping customers overcome these challenges by offering water technology as a service, allowing customers to focus on their core business while we take responsibility for their treatment systems. This can help reduce costs and risk while improving plant reliability and meeting sustainability goals.    

Financed Projects

Through our AQUIOS (Aquatech – Upwell Infrastructure Outsourcing) platform, we provide a variety of outsourced solutions, from water and energy purchase agreements to leasing and rental of mobile and decentralized treatment plants.  The ultimate objective is to reduce the cost and risk of water operations while helping customers meet their sustainability targets.   

Design, Build, Own, Operate, Maintain (DBOOM)

Our design, build, own, operate, and maintain (DBOOM) services allow us to take on full responsibility for your water treatment plant allowing you to focus on your core business. From design through operations, we partner with you to understand your desired treatment outcomes and develop a solution that’s right for you.   

Rental Mobile Water Services 

Our rental fleet of mobile water and wastewater treatment assets ensures you maintain business continuity no matter the circumstance. From capital constraints to annual turnaround, planned maintenance, changing demand, equipment failures or mobile or decentralized equipment can bridge the gap between your short- or long-term treatment needs. 

Operations & Maintenance

Our managed operations contracts allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of the operation and maintenance of your water treatment systems. From simple ion exchange to complex zero liquid discharge and seawater desalination plants, our experienced operations and maintenance team, supported by our in-house engineering staff, can operate all types of water treatment plants.  

Our operations and maintenance contracts include:  

  • 24×7 coverage  
  • Supervisory services 
  • Around-the-clock operation  
  • Supply of spare parts, chemicals, and consumables.  
  • Waste disposal 
  • On-site laboratory services 
  • Remote monitoring 

We offer performance-based contracts that meet key performance indicators such as plant availability, power and chemical consumption, and waste generation, at a competitive cost without compromising the safety of plant personnel.  

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