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What We Do

Achieve your operational and sustainability goals by implementing innovative approaches for water reuse and recycle, desalination, minimal and zero liquid discharge, and critical mineral recovery. 

Water Reuse & Minimum/Zero Liquid Discharge

Amidst growing global water scarcity, water reuse and zero liquid discharge have become essential. Aquatech’s solutions lead with pioneering technology to foster sustainable water management. 

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Critical Minerals & Metals Resource Recovery

Aquatech is at the forefront of lithium extraction and refining, metals and mining recovery, and brine mining and salt recovery, pioneering technologies that redefine resource utilization, focusing on harnessing the potential of critical minerals while minimizing environmental impact.

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Industrial Water Treatment

Solutions that help industries meet strict discharge compliance regulations and extract valuable resources from municipal sewage. Enable sustainable and efficient water management in various industrial sectors by maximizing the hidden value of wastewater. 

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Innovative desalination solutions that utilize advanced technologies such as low-energy seawater reverse osmosis, multiple effect distillation, and multistage flash systems to efficiently transform saltwater into top-quality freshwater, providing a sustainable and dependable water source for various applications. 

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Contact us to learn how we're helping the world’s most recognized companies achieve their sustainability and operational goals by implementing innovative approaches for water reuse, desalination, minimal and zero liquid discharge, and critical minerals recovery.

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