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Wex Technologies

Performance Chemicals

Wex Technologies, a subsidiary of Aquatech, specializes in delivering advanced chemical solutions for industrial applications. Our specialty chemicals portfolio includes corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants, bio-dispersants, polymers, anti-scalants, cleaners, and biocides tailored for boilers, cooling towers, membranes, and thermal evaporators.  

With extensive industry experience, Wex combines optimal chemical practices with exceptional service to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions. Our qualified engineers provide on-site support and technical services, reinforcing our reputation for service expertise. Our dealer network, backed by global technical support, expands our reach. We continuously refine and upgrade our offerings to ensure clients receive the most advanced chemical solutions and value-added benefits. 

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Advantages of Wex Performance Chemicals

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Dedicated R&D Center

Dedicated R&D Center

An innovation hub with over 20 research scientists and state-of-the-art equipment, including Inductive Couple Plasma, HPLC cum GPC, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Viscometer and more.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

A modern 6,500 square meter manufacturing facility equipped with stainless steel and glass reactors for high-quality production.

Diverse Chemical Portfolio

Diverse Chemical Portfolio

Offer a wide range of over 200 performance chemicals to service sectors including pharma, refining, petrochemicals, power, primary metals, automotive and more.  

Accredited Quality Certifications

Accredited Quality Certifications

Adherence to top quality and safety standards with certifications like NSF, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and Halal certification.

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