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Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor

Aquatech’s BioMOD AnMBR technology combines the advantages of anaerobic digestion and ceramic membrane filtration to provide a complete solution for any high-strength wastewater application. It stands out as the first technology capable of operating in both mesophilic and thermophilic conditions, thanks to its utilization of QUA’s CeraQ™ ultrafiltration membranes. 

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Advantages of BioMOD AnMBR

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Compact Design

Compact Design

The single, shippable 53’ skid design efficiently utilizes limited space and simplifies transportation, making installation and setup hassle-free.

Scalable & Flexible

Scalable & Flexible

Tailored to diverse flow rates and treatment capacities, it offers plug-and-play rental options for quick adaptation to changing needs.

Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations

Advanced automation and optional features like cloud-based monitoring, continuous chemical supply, and complete servicing.

On-Going Support

On-Going Support

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with complete expert installation and ongoing aftermarket support services throughout the lifecycle of your system.

Flexible Financing

Flexible Financing

Choose from a range of financing options, including leasing, pay-per-gallon, DBOOM options & more are available based on your preference.

How does the BioMOD AnABR technology work?

Aquatech's BioMOD Anaerobic MBR is a compact and innovative solution for industrial facilities dealing with concentrated waste streams. It combines multiple components into a single modular container, effectively converting organics into biogas with 99% removal. This eco-conscious system not only minimizes sludge production but also allows for efficient energy recovery and remote monitoring. Aquatech's technology is a forward-looking response to the growing need for sustainable wastewater treatment in a world focused on resource conservation and reduced carbon emissions.

Operational Benefits

  • Enhanced Flux: By combining ceramic ultrafiltration membrane (CeraQ) with anaerobic processes, the system achieves at least three times the flux of polymeric configurations while minimizing excess sludge production.  
  • Versatility: Three standard models cater to diverse needs, capable of treating up to 90,000 mg/L COD and operating at 200+ m³/day, with customized systems available. 
  • High Quality Effluent: The reactor retains slow-growing methanogenic bacteria, resulting in Total Suspended Solids (TSS) free effluent.  
  • Robust Membrane: The CeraQ membrane is designed for challenging conditions, exhibiting high thermal, mechanical, and chemical endurance, offering a substantially longer lifespan than polymeric UF membranes. 
  • Low Operating Costs: The high flux and low fouling characteristics translate to lower operational expenses.  
  • Market Leading Performance: The AnMBR achieves the highest flux (30-35 LMH) and sludge reduction (40-50% more effective than competing products) available on the market. 
  • Exceptional COD/BOD Removal: The system can achieve 98-99% COD/BOD removal, ensuring efficient and effective wastewater treatment.  
Contact our team of experienced engineers today to learn if BioMOD AnMBR is the right solution for your wastewater treatment needs. 

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