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Modular Desalination Solution

As freshwater scarcity intensifies worldwide and water costs decline, the need for affordable seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) solutions has surged. These solutions must address the persistent challenges facing SWRO, including excessive energy usage, biofouling, and the frequent necessity for chemical cleaning. 

Aquatech’s DesalMOD™ modular desalination solution packages dissolved air flotation (DAF), gravity or dual media filtration, ultrafiltration (UF), bacteria deactivator, low energy SWRO, and osmotic cleaning and clean-in-place technology to provide a complete treatment solution that delivers the lowest energy cost RO train available along with simplified operation due to minimized downtime and operator intervention.

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Advantages of DesalMOD Technology

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Modular Design

Modular Design

Modular design allows for seamless scalability to accomodate various project sizes and growth needs. 
Rapid Implementation

Rapid Implementation

Prefabricated modules facilitate quicker deployment that reduce project timelines.


Utilizing modular components and streamlined construction, minimizes capital and operating costs.
Simplified Operation & Maintenance

Simplified Operation & Maintenance

Simplified operation and maintenance with online cleaning capabilities and readily available support for additional service needs.

Operational Benefits

  • All process components are included within a single skid, complete with wiring and tubing to minimize footprint and simplify transport. 
  • Simplified operation and service through online cleaning capability. Additional service needs can be easily handled with Aquatech's support, including operation, maintenance and remote monitoring. 
  • Products are shipped in a minimum number of units for fast installation and assembly at the site. 
  • Interconnecting piping and cabling are available as options. 
  • Competitive leasing options are available due to the modular design. 
  • By minimizing the client expenditure for production, installation, commissioning and operation, the DesalMOD™ Line provides a highly economical and holistic treatment solution. 
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