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Industry Solutions

As a leading global provider of water and process technology solutions, we specialize in assisting the world’s most recognized companies in achieving their sustainability and operational goals. 

Energy Transition

Powering the energy transition through water reuse solutions for biofuels, hydrogen production, and EV battery manufacturing and recycling.

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Metals & Critical Minerals

Unlock the full potential of your resource with sustainable solutions for metals mining and recovery, lithium and critical minerals processing and refining, and brine mining.

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Solutions for microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing that maximize recovery for water reuse and minimize environmental footprint.

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Energy & Chemicals

Innovative solutions that optimize operations, reduce environmental impact, and enhance sustainability for refining and chemical processing.

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Achieve high-quality, consistent production while meeting sustainability goals and reducing your water footprint through effective water management solutions 

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Food & Beverage

Reliable solutions to manage food and beverage process water for dairies, wineries, breweries, edible oil production, and food processing.

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Desalination and water reuse solutions focused on adapting to a changing climate.

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Contact us to learn how we're helping the world’s most recognized companies achieve their sustainability and operational goals by implementing innovative approaches for water reuse, desalination, minimal and zero liquid discharge, and critical minerals recovery.

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