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Expanded Granular Sludge Bed

Expanded granular sludge beds (EGSB) are an anaerobic treatment process used to remove organic pollutants from wastewater. The technology’s growing adoption is attributed to its ability to effectively treat wastewater with elevated concentrations of suspended solids and COD, with methane biofuel as a byproduct.

Aquatech’s BioMOD™ EGSB offers ultra-high sludge (COD) handling capability and methane production rate packed into a small, modular design. This technology enables high sludge retention, resulting in energy-neutral or -positive process conditions and reduced operation, post-treatment and discharge costs.
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Advantages of BioMOD EGSB

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Compact Design

Compact Design

The single, shippable 53' skid design efficiently utilizes limited space and simplifies transportation, making installation and setup hassle-free.
Scalable & Flexible

Scalable & Flexible

Tailored to diverse flow rates and treatment capacities, it offers plug-and-play rental options for quick adaptation to changing needs.

Streamlined Operation

Streamlined Operation

Advanced automation and optional features like cloud-based monitoring, continuous chemical supply, and complete servicing.
On-Going Support

On-Going Support

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with complete expert installation and ongoing aftermarket support services throughout the lifecycle of your system.
Flexible Financing 

Flexible Financing 

Choose from a range of financing options, including leasing, pay-per-gallon, DBOOM options & more are available based on your preference.

Operational Benefits

  • High COD Handling Capability - Capable of handling COD loading of 25-30 kg/m³/ day (or 45,000 kg/day).
  • Optimized Settler Construction - Our settlers are designed for the reactor zone, ensuring optimal sludge settling rates.
  • Low Retnetion Time - Low retention time is required even when handling ultra-high COD loads.
  • Low Suspended Solids - Consistently low suspended solids of less than 50 mg/L.
  • No Granular Sludge Bed Carryover - Our system operates with high efficiency and zero carryover of granular sludge beds.
  • High Methane Generation - High methane generation up to 0.31 m³/ kg COD (or 660 m³/hr), providing a valuable energy-rich biofuel for reuse.
  • Optimal Sludge Mass Transfer - Operating at high up-flow velocities of 1.5-8.2 m/hr, enabling greater sludge mass transfer rates than competing EGSB systems.

How Does BioMOD EGSB Work?


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