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Solving Water Scarcity & Ensuring Critical Minerals Security

Innovative Technologies Enabling the Energy Transition

Our approach combines cutting-edge technology, unrivaled expertise, world-class services, and flexible financing options to deliver complete water and process technology solutions that reduce carbon and water footprint.

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What We Do

Water Reuse & Zero Liquid DischargeWater Reuse & Zero Liquid Discharge

Water Reuse & Zero Liquid Discharge

Recycling water and eliminating wastewater for discharge. 

Critical Minerals & Metals Resource RecoveryCritical Minerals & Metals Resource Recovery

Critical Minerals & Metals Resource Recovery

Extracting essential materials, like lithium, and metals from water.

Industrial Water TreatmentIndustrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

Process of purifying water for industrial use.



Removal of salt and minerals from seawater to obtain freshwater. 

Sustainable Solutions for Industry

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Metals & Critical Minerals

Metals & Critical Minerals

Unlock the full potential of your resource with sustainable solutions for metals mining and recovery, lithium and critical minerals processing and refining, and brine mining.
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Energy Transition

Energy Transition

Powering the energy transition through water reuse solutions for biofuels, hydrogen production, and EV battery manufacturing and recycling.
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Achieve high-quality, consistent production while meeting sustainability goals and reducing your water footprint through effective water management solutions 
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Energy & Chemicals

Innovative solutions that optimize operations, reduce environmental impact, and enhance sustainability for refining and chemical processing.
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Solutions for microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing that maximize recovery for water reuse and minimize environmental footprint.
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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Reliable solutions to manage food and beverage process water for dairies, wineries, breweries, edible oil production, and food processing.
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Desalination and water reuse solutions focused on adapting to a changing climate.
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Who We Are

At Aquatech, we tackle the challenges of water scarcity and complexity by leveraging technology, expertise, and financing to deliver comprehensive solutions that reduce carbon and recycled water footprint.

As a leading global provider of water and process technology solutions, we help the world’s most recognized companies achieve their sustainability and operational goals by implementing innovative approaches for water reuse, desalination, minimal and zero liquid discharge, and critical minerals recovery.

Our work catalyzes the transition toward a more sustainable future and showcases our commitment to addressing water’s role in climate adaptation.

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The Latest from Aquatech

Aquatech newsrooms is your source for the latest news on all things related to innovative water, wastewater, and critical minerals recovery treatment. 

More News

AECOM and Aquatech to Deliver PFAS Destruction with DE-FLUORO® Technology

AECOM and Aquatech have partnered to accelerate the deployment of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) destruction technology, combining AECOM's DE-FLUORO® PFAS destruction technology with Aquatech's electrochemical expertise and end-to-end technology solutions and expertise.

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QUA Inaugurates New State-of-the-Art Membrane Manufacturing Facility

QUA, an Aquatech company, announces the commencement of production at its new state-of-the-art membrane manufacturing center in Pune, India.

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Aquatech and DataVolt Sign MOU Agreement for Water Cooling & Recycling Technology Cooperation and Services

Aquatech Data Volt Information Technology Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for water cooling and recycling technology cooperation and services.

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Aquatech Awarded Contract for Lithium Refining Process at Lithium Americas Thacker Pass Project

Aquatech has commenced work on the Thacker Pass lithium project, which involves multiple process trains incorporating evaporation and crystallization systems for the production of lithium carbonate (Li2CO3).

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Aquatech Process Technology Selected For 1PointFive's Inaugural Direct Air Capture (DAC) Facility, Stratos

Aquatech announces that its evaporation process technology has been chosen for a key service within 1PointFive's groundbreaking direct air capture (DAC) plant, Stratos, located in the U.S. Permian Basin in Texas.

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Export-Import Bank of The United States Approves First-Ever Term Financing for Domestic Manufacturing to Aquatech

The Board of Directors of EXIM approved a direct loan for more than $4.7 million, marking the first transaction authorized under the Make More in America Initiative.

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