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QUA Inaugurates New State-of-the-Art Membrane Manufacturing Facility

QUA, a leading innovator in advanced membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment, is proud to announce the commencement of production at its new state-of-the-art membrane manufacturing center in Pune, India. The new facility marks a significant milestone in QUA's ongoing expansion and reinforces its commitment to solving water scarcity and complexity.

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The expansion increases production capacity by four times (4X), furthering QUA's strategic goals to deliver a broad portfolio of advanced technologies and exceptional customer service. This new facility is a significant upgrade from previous capabilities, utilizing the latest advanced manufacturing systems, process monitoring technologies, and commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. The facility features a state-of-the-art zero discharge solution, enhancing sustainability by recycling wastewater from manufacturing operations.

The expansion is driven by QUA’s diversification of its product portfolio and international market growth, which has extended its presence to over 30 countries. The new manufacturing center will cater to increasing demands and support the production of QUA’s expanding portfolio of innovations, including FEDI® GIGA fractional electrodeionization, EnviQ® RF submerged ultrafiltration membranes, and Q-SEP® Q-Connect hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes.

“This facility is a testament to QUA’s ongoing dedication to innovation and sustainability,” says Sugata Das, Director of Manufacturing and Operations at QUA. “With this expansion, we are setting new benchmarks for membrane manufacturing and reaffirming our promise to deliver excellence to our customers.”

The new facility brings multiple advantages to our customers, including quicker delivery times and a steadfast commitment to high-quality product availability and innovation. This scale of operations improves productivity, allowing QUA to keep pace with evolving industrial and municipal water treatment needs.

QUA, an Aquatech company, is a pioneer of advanced membrane technologies for challenging water treatment applications. Headquartered in the United States with an international presence, QUA is committed to ongoing innovation, drawing from extensive research and development and the expertise of a highly experienced global team. QUA's diverse product portfolio includes FEDI® Fractional Electrodeionization, Q-SEP® Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration membranes, CeraQ™ Ceramic Membranes, and EnviQ® Flat Sheet and Hollow Fiber Submerged Ultrafiltration Membranes. Learn more at www.quagroup.com.

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