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R3MOD™ CeraSoft™

Ceramic Membrane Softener

Ceramic membrane softeners are used for treatment applications where the reduction of water hardness caused by minerals is necessary. Aquatech’s R3MOD™ CeraSoft™ modular ceramic membrane softener utilizes advanced microfiltration technology to remove these minerals effectively. 

Designed with robustness and efficiency in mind, R3MOD CeraSoft is a versatile solution that enables scale reduction for a diverse range of reverse osmosis feed and reject water applications at ultra-high fluxes and a smaller footprint, resulting in lower energy consumption than that of traditional softening systems. 

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Why Choose Aquatech?

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Increased Hardness Reduction

Increased Hardness Reduction

Experience unparalleled hardness reduction through the strategic use of lime, soda ash, sulfuric acid, and caustic dosing. 

Elevated Operational Thresholds

Elevated Operational Thresholds

Outperforming competing softening technologies, R3MOD CeraSoft, operates at higher thresholds, delivering benefits such as extended equipment lifespan and enhanced efficiency.  

Ceramic Microfiltration Technology

Ceramic Microfiltration Technology

Harnessing the power of our proprietary ceramic microfiltration membrane CeraQ™, achieve 5-6 times the flux and 3 times the lifespan compared to polymeric configurations.

Continuous Suspended Solids Recycling

Continuous Suspended Solids Recycling

Our innovative system continually recycles suspended solids, preventing the concentration from exceeding 5%, ensuring sustained system performance and longevity.

Flexible Treatment Capability

Flexible Treatment Capability

Choose from four standard modules capable of treating up to 3,000 mg/L total hardness with >95% recovery rates, providing flexibility for various treatment needs. 

Lowest Operational Cost

Lowest Operational Cost

Experience low operational expenditure with our R3MOD CeraSoft, with unmatched flux and energy consumption for a cost-effective water softening solution.

How Does the R3Mod CeraSoft Technology Work?

The increasing costs of industrial disposal and the rising demand for high-recovery water treatment have necessitated versatile, compact, and cost-effective solutions. These systems must be easy to install and capable of accommodating a wide range of feed water conditions.

Modular solutions enable companies to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle water (R3) with optimal savings. Aquatech's R3MOD CeraSoft consistently delivers on these requirements, offering additional value through its flexible design, advanced automation, and the potential for seamless integration with R3MOD ARRO™ Advanced Recovery Reverse Osmosis and R3MOD AVMD™ Advanced Vacuum Membrane Distillation, providing a comprehensive high-recovery solution. 

The recent surge in the use of tubular microfiltration by industrial end-users can be attributed to its remarkable ability to eliminate minerals, organics, and heavy metal contaminants before Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment, all without the need for clarifiers, media filters, ultrafiltration, and dedicated softeners required in traditional configurations. 

R3MOD CeraSoft seamlessly combines QUA’s CeraQ™ advanced ceramic membrane technology with Aquatech’s extensive RO process experience, embodying robust, modular, and efficient principles. This integration provides a complete solution for softening or heavy metals removal applications. Setting itself apart from competing technologies, CeraSoft achieves differentiation through its high flux, low energy consumption, membrane robustness, and ability to effectively mitigate the risks of organic fouling or hardness scaling downstream in the RO process.

  • Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries: Our standardized packages are designed to fulfill client requirements in various industries and under different feed water conditions, featuring models offering flows ranging from 350 to 1400 m³/day.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate our packaged systems with existing or new RO systems thanks to the simplicity of the process flow path and a compact footprint, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.
  • Flexible Flow Management: Achieve flexibility in flow rate by designing the system to operate in parallel mode, adapting to dynamic operational needs without compromising efficiency.
  • Swift Installation and Assembly: Streamlined for efficiency, our packaged systems are shipped in a minimal number of units, facilitating fast installation and assembly at the site, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Contact us to learn more about how our R3MOD CeraSoft ceramic membrane softeners address water hardness issues across various industries to improve efficiency, product quality, and the longevity of equipment.

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