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Moving Towards Water-Positive: Holistic Water Stewardship Strategies for Industry

At the 2022 Global Water Summit, Global Water Intelligence hosted a live panel session entitled “Defining Water-Positive.” The panel was sponsored by Aquatech International and featured industrial water stewardship professionals from leading multinational companies in the consumer products, technology, and food and beverage sectors.

This whitepaper presents the case for holistic water stewardship strategies among industrial users. Water stewardship is a growing focus, with more companies publishing new sustainability targets each year, particularly aimed at reducing water use and raising water efficiency in direct operations. These efforts are essential and must continue, but stewardship strategies should also expand to encompass work beyond the fence line. Holistic approaches to water stewardship are increasingly necessary to protect shared water resources and mitigate related business risks. 

Visit the Global Water Intelligence (GWI) white paper hub to access your copy of 'Moving Towards Water-Positive: Holistic Water Stewardship Strategies for Industry.'
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