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Energy Facility Transforms Challenging Wastewater into a Sustainable Resource with Mobile Water Recovery System

Colorado, United States
Challenge: The power plant operating with a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system needed to address accumulated wastewater in the evaporation pond, which threatened water level freeboard compliance and sustainability.
Solution: Aquatech provided a comprehensive solution by utilizing MoSuite™, our mobile pretreatment system, in conjunction with a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membrane system to recover water from the evaporation pond.
Result: Aquatech's solution successfully treated over five million gallons of evaporation pond water, meeting regulatory compliance and extending the pond's lifespan.

Empowering Sustainable Solutions: Mastering Water Recovery and Reuse for Difficult-to-Treat Wastewaters

Explore how a power plant effectively converted millions of gallons of problematic evaporation pond water into a valuable resource using Aquatech's innovative mobile pretreatment system, MoSuite™. 

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Aquatech's MoSuite™ Mobile Pretreatment System comprised of MoMix™, MoTreat™, and MoPress™.


A power plant operating under a ZLD configuration faced a daunting challenge. Accumulated wastewater in its evaporation pond posed a series of problems, both in terms of volume and pond water level freeboard regulatory compliance. They needed to find a sustainable solution to reduce wastewater volume, extend the evaporation pond’s life, and meet mandatory water level freeboard requirements.  


Aquatech stepped in with a comprehensive solution to tackle this complex issue. We provided a full-service solution utilizing the MoSuite™, our mobile pretreatment system comprised of MoFeed™, MoMix™, MoTreat™, and MoPress™ technologies, along with a SWRO membrane system to recover the water. The reclaimed water is utilized for generating deionized water for use within the power plant.  

The accumulated evaporation pond water, containing pond algae, divalent hardness cations, high sulfate levels, suspended matter, and a high total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration, was effectively treated using MoSuite™. 

The MoMix™ unit facilitated sequential physical-chemical reactions to generate precipitates of hardness-bearing compounds followed by clarification in the MoTreat™ high-rate settling clarifier. The settled solids were efficiently compacted for offsite disposal using the MoPress™ mobile filter press. 


Aquatech's MoSuite™ solution successfully treated over five million gallons of evaporation pond water for reuse. By removing the wastewater and reusing the recovered water, the power plant not only met regulatory compliance but also extended the evaporation pond's lifespan.

Water Samples

Image 1: Water samples highlighting algae-treated water, pretreatment in process, and pretreated water.

MoSuite™ reliable pretreatment and crystal-clear water quality ensured the seamless and trouble-free operation of SWRO membranes without any onsite cleaning. The MoSuite™ offers the potential for even higher recovery of pretreated water using our MoVap™ mobile evaporator, depending on the availability of the unit at the time of job deployment. 

MoVap Image

Image 2: MoVap mobile evaporator 

This case study demonstrates Aquatech's commitment to sustainable water management solutions by providing a full-service solution, even in the face of difficult-to-treat wastewater conditions. Our innovative approach not only benefits the environment but also enhances operational efficiency for our clients.

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