Mining & Metals

Finding source water for some remote mining installations can be a challenge. Aquatech has the experience and process depth to provide unique solutions to feed your plant. Today, more and more industries are prohibited from discharging any liquid waste originating from their facilities and are required to meet evolving environmental regulations. Aquatech has a wide range of technologies, services, and knowledge that can help solve the water and wastewater issues for the mining industry.


Mining & Metals At a Glance

  • More than 90% recovery for difficult to treat wastewater
  • Over 1,000 projects in more than 60 countries


  • Physical Chemical and Filtration
  • Desalination
    • Thermal MED
    • Membrane (UF, RO,R2RO)
  • Biological Solutions
  • Evaporative Solutions (BC/FC)

“Aquatech’s extensive experience in seawater desalination and process water treatment is a key advantage that we bring to the mining industry. Our experience list includes extensive number of installations for membrane and thermal seawater desalination, which is critical in ensuring water supply for mining operations that are located in arid regions such as Chile, Peru and Australia. In addition, we have direct experience at mining operations were we have used our evaporation technologies to concentrate process solutions such as NiSO4.  We are one of very few companies globally that has expertise in both membrane and thermal processes,” said Alan R. Daza, Vice President of Sales & Business Development for Aquatech.

Desalination plays an important role for the mining industry in terms of water supply and producing clean water for use in various mining processes as well as boiler feedwater applications for power generation that are located at the mining sites. In arid locations, the primary water supply source is seawater, which is desalinated on the coast and then pumped inland, reaching a distance of 150 km and altitudes that are thousands of meters above sea level.

Aquatech provides projects from design concept to commissioning of a complete solution, including engineering, procurement, project management, and turnkey construction. Aquatech also provides complete support during commissioning and beyond with long term operations and maintenance service contracts.