Maximize Savings Through Custom Water Services

With more than 35 years of experience designing and supplying a full range of industrial water treatment systems, Aquatech knows what’s required to maintain advanced technology equipment to enhance a plant’s life cycle for the best possible performance with minimal downtime.

Aquatech’s Integrated Water Services (IWS) delivers long-term, reliable and cost- effective service solutions to desalination, water reuse, and ZLD systems with a favorable return on investment.

IWS’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) team works closely with each customer to create a customized value plan that will result in improved equipment uptime and performance, enhanced water productivity and operating cost optimization. Our scalable services extend from water intake systems to cooling towers and dosing systems, as well as waste treatment and disposal systems.

IWS’s portfolio of products, services, and chemicals allowing clients to focus on core business.

integrated water services

Aquatech offers the integrated water services approach to our customers by leveraging knowledge and experience in a wide range of technologies, industries and applications.

IWS utilizes Aqutaech’s expertise in process engineering, system design and O&M services – along with high-performance specialty chemical treatment programs to deliver solutions that efficiently reduce fresh water consumption by maximizing wastewater recycle/reuse.

The single, integrated offering includes equipment design, chemistry, performance-based operations and maintenance contracts to help our customers lower costs, increase efficiency and achieve environmental goals.

IWS Core Services

  • Total water life cycle management in various geographies around the world
  • Integration an optimization of high performance specialty chemicals and equipment
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Performance audits and KPI analysis
  • Control system upgrades and retrofits
  • Troubleshooting and spare parts
integrated water services

Integrated Water Solutions

  • WATERTRAK™ pre-engineered products
  • AQUAOUTREACH™ industrial outsourcing
    • Performance-based O&M
    • Water by the gallon (BOOM)