Our diversified industrial services have been developed through hundreds of projects around the world for over 40 years. We have built our business on our extensive experience and our reputation for reliability

Aquatech is known worldwide as an innovation leader and a reliable partner to clients to overcome challenging water applications.  We have earned a breadth and depth of experience as a single source provider of water solutions, from consultation through execution and commission.  Through that experience, we have developed an expert services portfolio that address the needs of any facility with water and wastewater treatment.  Some of the largest companies in world trust us to provide service and remove water services from their concern at a higher efficiency, lower cost and more reliably. Our highly qualified and thoroughly trained personnel promptly respond to your needs, delivering services with the highest ethical standards and commitment to safety.  In addition, as the business of water changes, Aquatech has developed creative financing models to offer “Water as a Service” through outsource models that make addressing water challenges like water scarcity more manageable for industrial and municipal needs.

Mobile Services

Whether customers have an emergency or just need quick deployment of water treatment equipment, our fleet of mobile assets is ready to meet all customer demands. Our mobile equipment is easy to expand and built with state of the art technology including remote monitoring capabilities for round the clock customer support. Our suite of mobile equipment can meet variety of process needs such as clarification, filtration, membrane based processes, wastewater and even evaporators.

Outsourced Solutions

Aquatech, through its AQUIOS platform, provides wide spectrum of outsourced solutions, from water and energy purchase agreements to the leasing and rental of mobile and decentralized treatment plants, with the ultimate objective of reducing the cost and risk of water operations while helping customers meet their sustainability targets.

Aftermarket Services

Aquatech’s Integrated Water Services team works closely with each customer to identify goals and create a customized value plan that will result in improved equipment uptime and performance, enhanced water productivity and operating cost optimization. Our scalable services extend from water intake systems, treatment plants, wastewater handling and zero liquid discharge plants.

Managed Operations

Aquatech offers a variety of services for managing plant operations on outsourced basis. Our vast experience in managing complex water treatment plants allows customers to focus on their core business while we take care of day to day operation and maintenance. We provide experienced O&M team that is supported by our in-house engineering staff. We can operate all types of water treatment plants ranging from simple Ion Exchange to complex Wastewater Zero Liquid Discharge plants and Seawater Desalination plants.