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There is increased demand to turn seawater into a viable source of fresh water through desalination to help combat water scarcity. At Aquatech, our advanced desalination solutions are helping customers reduce their energy and water footprints while delivering the lowest total cost of water.  

With desalination experience dating back to the 1950s, we are one of the few companies leading in membrane, thermal, and hybrid water desalination technologies. Already a leading supplier of membrane technologies, we enhanced our commitment to desalination when we acquired Aqua-Chem ICD, a pioneer in thermal desalination technologies. This allows us to offer the best solution for desalination based on the application, whether it’s a membrane, thermal or hybrid solution.   

Throughout our history, we’ve developed cutting-edge desalination technologies, including low-energy Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO), Multiple Effect Distillation (MED), and Multistage Flash (MSF). Our solutions are backed by global references within some of the world’s largest desalination plants. 

Zero Liquid Discharge
Our desalination solutions

From concept to commissioning, we are a complete solutions provider. From engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) installations to pre-engineered containerized seawater desalination solutions to fully engineered solutions, we are your trusted partner.  

We are progressively making strides in optimizing the lifecycle cost and increasing the reliability of our SWRO installations with our LoWatt™ low energy membrane desalination process. Our LoWatt technology is a best-in-class desalination process that improves uptime and reduces carbon footprint by addressing the two biggest pain points of desalination, energy consumption and biofouling. 

  • DesalPro™an Artificial Intelligence platform that captures and processes desalination facility data in real-time to provide actional advice. 
  • DesalMOD™ line of modular desalination products provides a complete, cost-effective treatment solution to overcome membrane desalination’s biggest pain points: biofouling and energy consumption.  
  • BioFilmPro™integrates real-time sensing, bacteria deactivation, and data-driven analytics to accurately predict and control biofilm, reducing chemical consumption for more sustainable plant operations. 
  • QUA Q-SEP® ultrafiltration membranes Aquatech’s patented advanced ultrafiltration membranes used as pretreatment for RO membranes. 

Our resource recovery portfolio includes the recovery of high purity brine or salt crystals from seawater for use in industrial applications. The salt recovery systems combine our experience and expertise in physical-chemical, membrane, and thermal technologies resulting in a substantially reduced water footprint. The system is designed with the flexibility to enable its integration into a new or existing facility. It can be customized to provide different purity levels based on your facility’s requirements.  

Our MED desalination technology using a Spray Film™ design has been developed and improved over decades of in-house research and on-site experience to provide an environmentally-friendly system to meet the global demand to reduce carbon footprint.  

With our depth and technological expertise and experience in operating plants, we are positioned to offer the best support in new design optimization and rehabilitation of existing facilities with our MSF technology.  

Our MVC systems are designed to produce high-purity water from a seawater source in a preassembled and compact form. The units are designed with high energy efficiency, a minimal footprint for mobility, and reduced installation time. 

Press Release: Aquatech & FTS Partner to Deliver The Next Generation of Sustainable Brine Concentration Technology

Aquatech and Fluid Technology Solutions have partnered to deliver advanced water treatment technology and process solutions in key markets, focused on achieving higher water and mineral recoveries with lower energy consumption and CO2 footprint.