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Aquatech and FTS Partner to Deliver The Next Generation of Sustainable Brine Concentration Technology

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Aquatech, a leading global water and process technologies provider, and Fluid Technology Solutions, Inc. (“FTS”), a technology-forward manufacturer of advanced membranes and separation technologies, have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at delivering the next generation of advanced separation, brine concentration, and water reuse solutions.

Aquatech and FTS will work together to deliver advanced water treatment technology and process solutions in key markets, including brine mining, lithium and critical minerals, inland desalination, and minimal/zero liquid discharge (MLD/ZLD). This partnership aims to refine and elevate higher brine concentration technology, focusing on high recovery, low energy consumption and achieving the lowest CO2 footprint at the highest water and mineral recoveries.

FTS has a long history of cutting-edge osmotically assisted reverse osmosis (OARO) and forward osmosis (FO) membranes and is the first company to commercialize these technologies for key industries. Aquatech is a trailblazer in brine minimization and recovery solutions, possessing extensive expertise and operational experience. Aquatech’s high recovery membrane and evaporative process technologies, coupled with FTS’s membrane brine concentration, will provide customers with optimal and cost-effective solutions for achieving maximum water recovery, as well as the ability to recover pure salts and critical minerals from brackish water, seawater desalination, and mineral recovery applications.


"For over 20 years, Aquatech has delivered innovative and impactful MLD and ZLD technology globally,” said Devesh Sharma, CEO of Aquatech. “This partnership will bring another step change to the market by achieving higher water and enhanced mineral recoveries with lower energy consumption than ever before."

"FTS has pushed the boundaries of membrane solutions for brine concentration and ZLD applications for decades, and partnering with Aquatech only strengthens our ability to provide advanced technology solutions for a wider range of markets,” said Keith Lampi, President of FTS. “This partnership combines world-class membrane and thermal technology platforms into a comprehensive solution that will positively benefit the water market.”

As part of the partnership, Aquatech will make a strategic investment into FTS, synergizing their strengths to create an unparalleled fusion of their expertise, providing enhanced customer value through advanced separation methods that make brine concentration reliable and affordable.

Fluid Technology Solutions is a leader and pioneer in the water industry based on its proprietary Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis (“OARO”) and Forward Osmosis (“FO”) membrane technologies used to solve large scale industrial water treatment and resource recovery challenges. The FTS OARO and FO technologies deliver proven performance advantages enabling their use in a wide range of difficult applications. FTS is strategically focused on markets where it has distinct competitive advantages and can leverage its technology solutions to solve complex water problems, economically, for the global water industry.
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