Mobile Water Services
Maintain business continuity with our rental fleet of mobile water treatment solutions

Industrial water treatment requirements are ever-changing, driven by factors such as environmental compliance, resource limitations, capital constraints, annual turnarounds, planned maintenance, changing seasonal demand, or equipment failures.

Aquatech’s rental fleet of mobile water and wastewater treatment assets is the perfect solution to address these evolving needs. We guarantee consistent treatment results, enabling you to achieve your desired sustainability goals while also ensuring the lowest total cost of operation. Our technology and experience ensure a reliable and cost-effective source of treated water, providing peace of mind to maintain your operations, no matter what the situation.

Our flexible financing option allows you to lease or rent mobile or decentralized treatment equipment, making shifting from Capex to Opex easy. Our rental fleet includes assets for pretreatment through discharge.

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Mobile Multimedia Filtration

For all filtration needs to remove suspended solids and turbidity from all types of surface waters

Download the MMF trailer specifications

Mobile Ultrafiltration

Offers the highest quality filtration typically deployed prior to a reverse osmosis system. Guarantees low silt density index for trouble-free RO operation.

Download the UF trailer specifications


Mobile Reverse Osmosis

Fully automatic reverse osmosis system that can produce high-quality water in either single-pass or two-pass configuration

Download the RO trailer specifications

FEDI™ Mobile Electro-Deionization

A chemical-free demin water polisher that replaces mixed beds. Simple to operate and works on electricity to produce water quality less than 0.1 µS/cm for boiler feed application

Download the EDI trailer specifications 

Wastewater Treatment

BioMod™ Mobile Dissolved Air Floatation

A cost-effective solution for the removal of TSS and emulsified oil and grease. Also used as a secondary clarifier in wastewater treatment.

Download the DAF trailer specifications

Mobile Oil Water Separator

Suitable for small flow rates below 50 gpm for separating oil from wastewater. Provides 20 minutes of retention time.

BioMod™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

This Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) offers compact yet high-performance equipment to address a variety of wastewater with a high level of COD. The system comes complete with a pump and blower.

Download the MBBR trailer specifications 


MoVap™ Mobile Evaporator

This is a horizontal spray film evaporator on a trailer! Used in extremely difficult applications such as produced water or other industrial waste with very high total dissolved solids.

Mobile Evaporator
Mobile Evaporator
Mobile Filter Press
Mobile Filter Press
Mobile DAF
Mobile DAF

Case Study: Delivering Water Technology as a Service

With rising environmental and discharge regulations, coupled with the lack of technology and treatment expertise available to treat challenging and complex wastewater, many industries are forced to spend millions of dollars each year to have their liquid waste hauled away and treated or disposed of offsite. Learn how an international chemical manufacturer reduced its carbon footprint and saved USD 4MM in discharge costs annually with our outsourced mobile wastewater solution.

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Whitepaper: Moving Towards Water-Positive - Holistic Water Stewardship Strategies for Industry

This white paper presents the case for holistic water stewardship strategies among industrial users. Water stewardship is a growing focus, with more companies publishing new sustainability targets each year, particularly aimed at reducing water use and raising water efficiency in direct operations. Holistic approaches to water stewardship are increasingly necessary to protect shared water resources and mitigate related business risks.

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Press Release: Aquatech & Upwell Water Create Joint Venture to Enable Water Treatment at No Upfront Customer Cost

Aquatech, through its AQUIOS (Aquatech – Upwell Infrastructure Outsourcing)platform, provides a spectrum of outsourced solutions, from water and energy purchase agreements to the leasing and rental of mobile and decentralized treatment plants, with the ultimate objective of reducing the cost and risk of water operations while helping customers meet their sustainability targets. 

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