Mobile Services

Aquatech understands unforeseen water needs faced by our customers. We have therefore developed a complete suite of mobile assets that cater to a variety of crunch situations. Whether customers have an emergency or just need quick deployment of water treatment equipment, our fleet of mobile assets is ready to meet all customer demands. Our mobile equipment is easy to expand and built with state of the art technology including remote monitoring capabilities for round the clock customer support. Our suite of mobile equipment can meet variety of process needs such as clarification, filtration, membrane based processes, wastewater and even evaporators.

We offer the following types of mobile equipment

MoTreat™ - Clarifiers

Removes suspended solids. Includes mixing & coagulation section, settling zone and Clearwell for complete clarification of feed water. Can be adapted for softening application.

MoMix™ - Chemical Reaction Tanks

Equipped with mixing chambers for conditioning water with chemicals such as lime, soda ash, sodium sulfate etc.

MoPress™ - Filter Press

Dewaters sludge from clarifiers or other sources. Includes sludge feed pump and a filtrate tank. Equipped with dry cake conveyer to transfer solids into dumpsters

Oil Water Separator

Suitable for small flow rates below 50 gpm for separating oil from wastewater. Provides 20 minutes retention time.

Lamella Clarifiers

Offers enhanced solids removal capacity using inclined plates. Includes gravity settler and thickening section

BioMod™ DAF - Dissolved Air Floatation

A cost effective solution for removal of TSS and emulsified oil and grease. Also used as secondary clarifier in wastewater treatment.

Multi-media Filtration

For all filtration needs to remove suspended solids and turbidity from all types of surface waters


Offers highest quality filtration typically deployed prior to a reverse osmosis system. Guarantees low silt density index for trouble free RO operation.

Reverse Osmosis

Fully automatic reverse osmosis system that can produce high quality water in either single pass or two-pass configuration

FEDI™ - Electro-Deionization

A chemical free demin water polisher that replaces mixed beds. Simple to operate and works on electricity to produce water quality less than 0.1 µS/cm for boiler feed application

MoVap™ - Mobile Evaporator

This is a horizontal spray film evaporator on a trailer! Used in extremely difficult applications such as produced water or other industrial waste with very high total dissolved solids.

BioMod™- MBBR

This Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) offers a compact yet high performance equipment to address variety of wastewater with high level of COD. The system comes complete with pump and blower.

Whether you need equipment for the short term or for several months, we offer flexible commercial terms and deploy technically competent, well trained technicians for setting up the systems. Included remote monitoring feature allows us to engage our in-house engineers to provide support to customers and technicians. We provide training for customer to operate the plant and also offer full O&M services including supply of chemicals and consumables.