Aftermarket Services
Ensure the long-term sustainability of your operations throughout the lifecycle of your water treatment equipment

Improper management of your water treatment assets can lead to costly shutdowns or upsets. Having a suitable asset management plan in place can extend the life of your assets and ensure they operate at peak performance. At Aquatech, we support you throughout the lifecycle of your water treatment assets, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your plant operations.

From assisting with equipment and control upgrades to performing water treatment audits or providing spare parts, consumables, and chemicals, we offer timely, cost-effective field services and troubleshooting agreements to help optimize operations, reduce environmental footprint, and ensure your peace of mind. Our highly qualified and trained field team focuses on achieving your desired treatment outcomes with safety always top of mind, no matter the aftermarket service.

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Retrofits & Upgrades
Aquatech membrane retrofit and upgrades

As your water treatment system ages, you may experience a decline in system efficiency or water quality. Upgrading your plant’s current equipment and technology is a viable, cost-effective alternative to completely replacing your system’s assets, which can lead to unnecessary downtime.

With access to our latest advanced treatment technologies and a team of experienced engineers and technicians, rest assured we’ll recommend and deliver a solution that fits within your current operations and budget while ensuring minimum plant downtime.

Spare Parts & Consumables
Aquatech spare parts and consumables

With continuous operation of your water treatment system, parts and consumables become worn and, in some cases, damaged. Access to a quality supply of spare parts and consumables is key to maintaining operations.

Our in-house parts specialists leverage our long-term relationships with various OEM and third-party parts suppliers to competitively procure the spare parts needed to efficiently run your system. No part is too hard to procure.

Water Treatment Audits
Aquatech water treatment audits

With the rise of environmental concerns and the cost of fresh water, conducting a water audit can help you understand where your plant has an opportunity to conserve water use and save money.

Our process and operation experts can conduct a comprehensive water assessment of your process operations and controls, delivering a value-added audit report detailing an integrated approach to improve and optimize your operations.

Controls Upgrades
Aquatech controls upgrades

Programmable Log Controllers (PLCs) used to manage plant automation sit at the heart of your water treatment operations. If your equipment parts become obsolete and your PLC fails, your plant may experience a loss of production or unplanned downtime, causing significant financial distress.

Our engineering team has component selection expertise, helping upgrade your control systems as quickly as possible.

Aquectech technical assistance and support
Technical Assistance & Support

Many customers lack the water treatment expertise to continuously run their water treatment plants. Having a technical support team available around the clock to quickly or proactively respond to your needs can give you the peace of mind to focus on core operations.

Our subscription service gives you access to our technical support team via scheduled and unscheduled service visits and phone consultations.

Aquatech performance chemicals
Performance Chemicals

An integrated treatment approach encompassing equipment and chemicals can help your plant meet its operational goals while extending the life of your assets.

Our treatment experts review your operations and propose a treatment program leveraging a solution from our complete line membrane antiscalants and cleaners, pretreatment chemicals, thermal evaporator antiscalants and antifoams, and cooling and boiler water treatment products.

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