Food Processing
Sustainable process water solutions to meet discharge regulations and ensure water is fit for reuse

Water is a critical resource for the food processing industry. From washing and rinsing to steam production and cooling, water is essential for many of the processes that make it possible to produce safe and high-quality food products. However, with water being a finite resource, it’s increasingly important to use it efficiently and responsibly. Food processors must make every effort to conserve water and reduce waste.

Reusing water in food processing operations is becoming increasingly important as water scarcity becomes a growing concern. Not only is it a more sustainable practice, but it can also save money and reduce the amount of waste generated by the industry. At Aquatech, we understand the importance of water in the food processing industry and the challenges that food processors face in managing their water-related operations. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on efficient water management, Aquatech helps food processors meet their water-related challenges.

Our solutions for the food processing industry

Whether it’s reducing water consumption, improving process efficiency, or complying with discharge regulations, our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your processing operations.

Aquatech is a leading provider of innovative water treatment solutions for the food processing industry. From cutting-edge technology to expert support and service, Aquatech provides everything food processors need to transform their process water into a valuable resource. Our water reuse solutions reduce waste and conserve valuable resources. Our advanced treatment technologies ensure that reused water meets the highest standards for food processing applications.

Our process water treatment solutions provide comprehensive, low-footprint solutions leveraging our in-house membrane products that help increase capacity during crush season with little to no capital investment. The units can be retrofitted to work within existing g production plants.

We offer water technology as a service by integrating technology, expertise, and financing to consistently deliver reliable performance at a predictable cost.

  • Mobile/Rental Equipmenthelps maintain business continuity and consistently achieve your desired treatment and sustainability goals.
  • Outsourced Operationsallow you to focus on your core operations while we take responsibility for your treatment systems.
  • Aftermarket Servicesensure the long-term sustainability of your operations throughout the lifecycle of your water and wastewater treatment equipment.
The importance of reusing a finite resource in food processing

In this video, we discuss the importance of reusing water in the food processing industry. As water scarcity becomes a growing concern, recycling and reusing water have become increasingly important. We explore how food processors can recycle and reuse water for various purposes within their operations, including clean-in-place (CIP), conveying products, and general site cleanup. We also touch on treating water safe for discharge and reusing it for irrigation.

At Aquatech, we provide innovative water treatment solutions for the food processing industry. Our commitment to sustainability and efficient water management helps food processors overcome their water-related challenges. Join us in exploring the importance of reusing a finite resource and how we can all make a positive impact on the environment.

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Brochure: The Importance of Reusing a Finite Resource

The food processing industry relies heavily on water, and reusing it has become essential for sustainability and cost-saving. Treating and recycling water for various purposes, including irrigation, is possible, but it requires effective treatment strategies to ensure food safety and regulatory compliance. Learn how our solutions support your food processing facility whether your goal is recycle and reuse, irrigation or subsurface disposal.