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Venkee Sharma Poses Thoughts on Primary Issues Facing the Mining Sector with S&P Global

The US critical minerals sector plays a crucial role in curbing the country's dependency on foreign nations. However, the sector faces significant challenges, with lengthy permitting processing and limited access to sustainable financing identified as two major constraints. These issues were highlighted during the Giga USA 2024 conference, held June 11-13 in Washington DC, by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. 

Delays in obtaining permits for exploration and development hinder project timelines and investments, impacting the sector's ability to meet growing domestic demand and compete globally. Additionally, securing adequate financing remains a persistent issue, with access to capital often constrained by market conditions and regulatory uncertainties. These challenges underscore the need for streamlined regulatory frameworks and robust financial support to sustain and expand the US’s contributions to national economic growth and resource security. 

In an onsite interview at Giga USA, Venkee Sharma, Aquatech’s Executive Chairman, shares his thoughts on this pivotal time in critical minerals security with Camellia Moors, Energy Transition Metals Reporter and Energy Evolution Reporter for S&P Global. The article, “Laggy permitting, financing are main risks to US mining sector,” published by S&P Global, highlights Sharma’s perspective.  

Sharma suggests that the US is on the brink of a significant period of growth in mineral extraction, similar to the country's achievements in attaining energy independence. He draws a parallel between the successful push for energy self-sufficiency and his belief that a similar effort will be made to secure a stable supply of critical minerals. Sharma is optimistic that the US will make substantial advancements in this area, ensuring mineral security and reducing reliance on foreign sources.  

Read the full article published here.

Metals and critical minerals are essential to energy transition and economic growth worldwide. Aquatech is leading the way in end-to-end lithium production and innovative water treatment solutions for mining, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and sustainability. Learn more about our lithium extraction and refining process technologies and solutions here.  

S&P Global is a leading provider of financial information and analytics, offering essential intelligence for individuals, companies, and governments to make informed decisions. Their services include data and analytics for various sectors such as energy, financial markets, and commodities, helping clients to understand trends, manage risks, and optimize performance. S&P Global's extensive portfolio includes market research, credit ratings, indices, and benchmarks, making it a critical resource for navigating complex global markets.
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