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Exploring Aquatech's Approaches to Produced Water Reuse, Recycling and Revenue Recovery

Water, the largest byproduct of oil and gas production, is increasingly becoming a leading challenge for the industry. Ineffective management of this byproduct will impact not only operations but also energy production. 

Traditionally, the industry relied on underground disposal wells for produced water management. However, due to the link between these wells and increased seismic activity and limited capacity, sticker regulations have been put in place for their use. This growing challenge has compelled the oil and gas sector to explore alternative strategies for waste management.

In the recent article, Produced Water Solutions: Reuse, Recycle, Recover Revenue, published by Hart Energy, Devesh Mittal, Vice President and General Manager of Aquatech Energy Services, discusses Aquatech’s 40+ years of experience in helping producers mitigate the environmental impact of this waste.   

Mittal explains how reuse and recycle solutions on the market today, like Aquatech’s Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis (OARO) and Advanced Recovery Reverse Osmosis (ARRO), can help reduce the impact of the increasing volumes of produced water by recovering and purifying the water, making it suitable for use in various applications based on a customer’s specific needs.   

Lastly, Mittal discussed the potential to extract small concentrations of lithium from produced water and convert it into a critical mineral source, recovering revenue to offset overall water management costs.  

With the growing quantity of water being produced, Aquatech’s innovations are instrumental in providing long-term solutions while simultaneously enabling the recovery of revenue to counterbalance the cost of water management.  

Read the full article published here.  

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