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Increased consumption and dependency on fossil fuels lead to increased economic stress and possible adverse environmental effects. First- and second-generation biofuels are an alternative, more sustainable renewable source of energy that can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while improving our carbon footprint. However, as new biorefineries come online and agricultural practices shift to meet the growing demand for biofuels, there are significant implications for the world’s water supply. 

The key to maximizing the advantages of biofuel plants is to combine the proper feedstock based on the maximization of yields, total steam and power balance, and the optimum utilization of water, chemicals, and effluent, through the right selection of sustainable technologies. At Aquatech, our portfolio of sustainable treatment solutions addresses the two biggest concerns of biofuel production, improving production yield and increasing water reuse, to deliver the lowest cost of water.   

Our sustainable solutions for biofuels producers

Backed by over 40 years of experience solving the world’s most complex water and wastewater treatment challenges and a long list of innovative processes, designs, and technology, we are uniquely positioned to address the needs of biofuel facilities. Explore our offering:

Biofuel producers are increasingly adopting anaerobic digesters due to their ability to treat both suspended and soluble chemical oxygen demand (COD), generating biogas (50-65% methane) as a byproduct. Different Anaerobic Reactor designs are possible. Among the most compact and performing: 

Thanks to our in-house expertise in biological wastewater treatment processes, we design reliable systems which respond effectively to the highly variable quality of the wastewater generated by the conversion of feedstocks to biofuel.  

  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) – proven and robust wastewater treatment technology with the highest unit capacity.  
  • BioMOD Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) – proven wastewater treatment integrated with a flat sheet set of UF/MF membranes to provide an effluent ready for internal reuse or for a downstream RO treatment to produce high-quality water to be recycled.

Harvest high purity species from wastewater streams (i.e., struvite) for potential commercialization using our pellet crystallization process.  

  • CeraSoft™ Ceramic Membrane Softener a robust, modular ceramic microfiltration system that enables scale reduction for a broad range of Ro feed/reject water applications as ultra-high fluxes and 30-40% smaller footprint, resulting in lower energy consumption than traditional softening systems. 
  •  Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies help you achieve environmental compliance, reduce your carbon footprint, and recover high-purity water for reuse. 

We offer water technology as a service by integrating technology, expertise, and financing to consistently deliver reliable performance at a predictable cost.  

  • Mobile/Rental Equipment helps maintain business continuity and consistently achieve your desired treatment and sustainability goals.  
  • Outsourced Operations allow you to focus on your core operations while we take responsibility for your treatment systems. 
  • Aftermarket Services ensure the long-term sustainability of your operations throughout the lifecycle of your water and wastewater treatment equipment. 

Our wide range of cutting-edge technologies and services are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support our esteemed customers in solving their water and wastewater challenges. This makes the future more sustainable and enables us to assist our customers in addressing any global difficulties they may confront. 

Project Profile: Aquatech’s Total Water Management Solution Enables Wastewater Reuse at Fulcrum BioEnergy’s Seirra Biorefinery

The desert climate and rural location made water scarcity a major concern for the Sierra plant. The facility needed to recycle water efficiently and affordably. Additionally, with contracts in place for waste feed and clients for the transportation fuels, they needed a company that could eliminate risk while providing water reliability and long-term support. Aquatech was chosen to provide a ZLD system on a design, build, operate, and maintain (DBOM) model.

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Whatever the carbonaceous feedstock, carbon recycling projects play a paramount role in reducing GHGs and improving energy sustainability. However, their water footprint should also be considered as a critical part of the environmental impact which they aim to minimize. In this article, Aquatech discusses the challenging treatment of the complex wastewater that carbon-recycling facilities generate as a result of their processes.

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