Extending Water's Life Cycle

Aquatech is a leader and pioneer in wastewater reuse, having completed some of the first large-scale projects in both industrial and municipal reuse. We possess this deep experience and expertise having tackled a variety of applications with an in-depth toolbox of technologies. Wastewater Recycling has gained lot of visibility due to acute scarcity of potable water resources almost globally. Be it municipal sewage or industrial wastewater, the focus is to treat these wastewaters and recycle them as process water for industrial/irrigation purposes if not for potable use. In certain cases, even zero liquid discharge is the mandate from regulatory authorities. On one hand it is regulatory drivers pushing for maximizing wastewater recycle, on the other hand industry is also taking pro-active initiatives to implement wastewater recycle projects.

Recycle & Reuse At a Glance

  • Innovators in ultra high recovery water reuse
  • HERO™ Technology maximized high recovery and reliability
  • Integrated Solutions from B to Z Biological treatment through zero liquid discharge


recycle reuse

Water is a strategic resource in the world.  Historically, inland water resources are used, recycled, treated, and discharged back into a body of water to be used by another downstream user.  Inland water recycling has even evolved to zero liquid discharge (ZLD) plants, where recycling of water is taken to the maximum extent possible.  In this type plant, the only water used by the plant is make-up water for evaporation, production, and venting losses.

Recycling and reuse of desalinated seawater has not been utilized to a great extent. Seawater is normally desalinated, either by membrane or thermal means, utilized for either municipal or industrial reasons, treated, and returned back to the sea. Economics will always drive when and where new technology is applied. To this extent, capital, operating, and maintenance costs are qualitatively discussed which demonstrate the feasibility of such water reuse technology.