EnviQ Submerged Ultrafiltration Membrane

QUA’s EnviQ® flat sheet submerged ultrafiltration membranes have been specially developed to improve the ease of operation and maintenance of MBR facilities. EnviQ’s innovative design offers ultrafiltration quality product water with a stronger and more rugged PVDF flat sheet membrane. The unique features in EnviQ consist of reverse diffusion and specially designed air diffusers, which maximize scrubbing efficiency, lowers pressure and reduces cleaning.

EnviQ Technology

Superior Membrane Technology

EnviQ membranes have billions of microscopic pores on the surface that form a barrier to impurities, allowing clean water to pass. Water is drawn through the pores by using gentle suction.


EnviQ provides more consistent and higher quality effluent using an advanced PVDF reinforced membrane and proprietary diffuser system. The proprietary air diffuser design maintains a continuous flow of consistent/correct sized air bubbles. This then prevents solids from settling at the tank bottom or sticking to the membrane surface and eliminating septic conditions.

In addition, EnviQ lowers the total installed cost of biological waste water treatment and recycle systems as compared to conventional activated sludge processes with tertiary filtration. EnviQ facilitates increased MBR adoption, resulting in more efficient bio treatment, smaller foot print and high quality effluent.

MBR combines conventional activated sludge technology with membrane filtration. MBR can be designed at a much higher MLSS concentration compared to conventional processes, giving advantages of lower hydraulic retention time (HRT) and higher sludge retention time (SRT). This reduces the footprint of the overall wastewater treatment. In addition, MBR replaces clarifier/ sedimentation tank as well as media and membrane filtration. The treated water is highly superior and can be used directly, or as feed to a reverse osmosis unit. EnviQ is available in modular construction. This ensures the ease of design as well as maintenance.

Advantages to EnviQ:


Patented Frameless Membrane design

Value to Customer

Stable Performance
Eliminates dead pockets which results in reducing biofouling of membranes

Proprietary Fouling Resistant Membranes & Air Diffuser design

Lower Opex
Can be operated at consistent flux and TMP results in lower power consumption and less cleaning frequency.

Ultrafiltration Membrane

Higher Quality Filtration
Consistently lower filtrate SDI.

Simple Rack type modular design

Easy to Install & Maintain
Requires less time to install and remove for maintenance

High solid loading

Competitive Pricing