The Facility

Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO) is an Egyptian joint venture company has been established with the purpose to produce Ethylene, Butadiene and their derivatives (Polyethylene, Poly-Butadiene). The company started to build a 460,000 T/Y ethylene plant and a 20,000 T/Y butadiene extraction plant as part of ETHYDCO’s petrochemical complex in Alexandria. ETHYDCO took the initiative to comission a Zero Liquid Discharge plant to optimize a cosistant composite mix of treated effluent and water from Nile River canal.

Scope of Service

The integrated technology solution provided by Aquatech is a microfiltration system, a High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO™) system, followed by Fractional Electrodeionization(FEDI™) and brine concentrator, and finally a crystallizer and sludge treatment system. The ZLD plant was installed at ETHYDCO’s petroleum derivatives manufacturing site in Alexandria. A subsidiary of Egyptian Holding Co. for Petrochemical (ECHEM), ETHYDCO produces ethylene and other petroleum derivatives at this site. The plant designed and installed by Aquatech treats wastewater from this facility and cooling tower blowdown to get cooling tower makeup water, boiler feed water and achieve Zero Liquid Discharge. With this plant comissioned in 2015, ETHYDCO meets all the requisite norms of Zero Liquid Discharge established by the Egyptian government to protect their only life-giving aquifer, The River Nile. The success of this project is keenly viewed by the Egyptian government in this region.

FEDI System Component 

Electrodeionization (EDI) is a continuous, chemical free process that removes ionized and ionizable impurities from the feed water using DC power. The Fractional Electrodeionization FEDI® process is an advancement of EDI. It was developed by QUA Technologies to take into account the limitations of conventional EDI, to include:
• Higher Hardness Tolerance In Feed Water
• Quicker Startup
• Reduced Cleaning


No. of Trains: 3 x 105 m3/h
FEDI Model: FEDI 2 30X
FEDI Product Capacity: 420 m3/h
Conductivity: 0.1 mS/cm, Silica as SiO2 : < 20 ppb

This FEDI system is part of an integrated Zero liquid discharge project to treat cooling tower blow down water. The feed water going into to the FEDI system comes from a single pass HERO unit.

Design Water Analysis