Rising industrial disposal costs and growing demand for high recovery water treatment have created a need for versatile, compact and afford-able solutions. Systems meeting these demands must also be easy to install and accommodate a wide range of feed water conditions. Modular solutions are essential for enabling companies to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle water (R3) with maximum savings. Aquatech’s R3MOD CeraSoft consistently delivers all of these benefits, along with added value of flexible design, advanced automation, and potential integration with ARRO™ and AVMD™ to provide a complete, high-recovery solution.

Tubular microfiltration has recently surged in use by industrial end-users due to the technology’s ability to remove minerals, organics and heavy metal contaminants prior to RO treatment without the use of clarifiers, media filters, ultrafiltration and dedicated softeners needed in traditional configurations. R3MOD CeraSoft combines QUA’s advanced ceramic membrane technology (CeraQ™) with Aquatech’s extensive RO process experience to provide a complete solution for any softening or heavy metals removal application. CeraSoft achieves differentiation from competing softening technologies through its high flux, low energy consumption, membrane robustness, and ability to mitigate organic fouling or hardness scaling risk in downstream RO.


• Standardized packages meet client needs across various industries and feed water conditions with models offering 350 – 1400 m³/day flow

• Easily integrates with existing or new RO systems due to simplicity of process flow path and low footprint

• Can be designed to operate in parallel mode for flexibility in flow rate

• The packaged system is shipped in minimum number of units for fast installation and assembly at site


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