R3MOD™ Line of Modularized Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Rising regulatory requirements and disposal costs around the world are prompting industries to reduce their water footprint, and highlight a growing demand for versatile, compact and affordable water treatment solutions. Systems meeting these demands must also be easy to install and allow facilities to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle their water (R3) with maximum savings. Aquatech’s R3MOD™ Suite of modular water treatment products can be integrated into a complete ZLD/MLD treatment solution consistently delivering all of these benefits, along with added value of flexible design, rapid implementation and advanced automation to further reduce labor and system operating costs.

R3MOD™ comprises of robust softening/heavy metals removal pretreatment (CeraSoft), ultrahigh recovery Reverse Osmosis (ARRO™) and a breakthrough patented high-flux membrane distillation process (AVMD™). These highly differentiated unit operations are designed to integrate easily and substantially drive down cost of ownership for small/mid-sized ZLD & MLD facilities by up to 40%. Aquatech’s ZLD/MLD Guidance Map (included on the next page) gives preliminary guidance on what might be the most suitable R3MOD™™ solution for you.

Advance vacuum membrane distillation

Advanced Vacuum Membrane Distillation (AVMD), combines both expertises to produce a thermal evaporation process optimized for direct treatment of RO reject or similar brine streams with some preconditioning. Furthermore, AVMD is able to effectively reduce brine volume & recover high quality distillate to meet either ZLD or Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) requirements.

Advanced Recovery Reverse Osmosis

Aquatech has developed Advanced Recovery Reverse Osmosis (ARRO), which achieves 20% greater water recovery than conventional RO processes aided by enhanced process dynamics and PLC integration

Ceramic Membrane Softener

Aquatech has developed CeraSoft, a robust, modular ceramic microfiltration (MF) system. CeraSoft enables scale reduction for a broad range of RO feed/reject water applications at ultra-high fluxes (400-450 LMH) and a 30-40% smaller footprint, resulting in lower energy consumption than that of traditional softening systems.