A Complete Digital Service Platform for Seawater Desalination

Aquatech is a worldwide leader in desalination with over 40 years of experience. Desalination is one of the keys to addressing water scarcity globally, particularly as desalination processes become more energy efficient and require lower operating costs.  The success of a desalination facility’s ability to provide clean water on a long term basis is determined by effective operation and maintenance. To achieve this, predictive analysis and actionable advice is key.

Aquatech has developed DesalPro™, an Artificial Intelligence platform that captures and processes desalination facility data in real time to provide actionable advice.

Aquatech is Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Optimize Desalination

Efficiency and uptime of seawater RO systems are greatly influenced by membrane fouling, which is influenced by effective pretreatment. Careful monitoring of water quality at all stages, timely expert intervention to deal with variations, proper scheduling of preventive maintenance, and membrane cleaning is required to ensure energy efficiency, plant uptime and membrane life.

Vast volumes of data related to equipment and water quality needs to be processed quickly and correctly to ensure that these objectives are met.

DesalPro™’s analytical models correlate the variables to predict potential problems and alert plant operators and management ahead of time. With time, the database continues to grow, and through machine learning is able to retrieve historical data that was a best fit for any given situation. DesalPro™ is your in-house expert advisor on call 24/7.

Higher Plant Availability
  • Predictive cleaning of RO membranes
  • Monitor performance of booster pumps
  • Monitor performance of turbochargers
  • 10% – 15% higher availability
Longer Equipment Life
  • Lower membrane cleaning frequency
  • Optimal operation of pumps and valves
  • 5% – 10% longer lifecycle
Reduced Opex
  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Reduction in chemical consumption
  • 15% – 20% operation cost reduction
Higher Plant Efficiency
  • Sustained plant performance to design capacity
  • Optimize performance based on feed quality and temperature
  • 5% – 15% higher overall efficiency
Common Challenges for Desalination that are addressed with DesalPro™
  • Membrane Fouling & Scaling
  • Scheduling of Membranes cleaning
  • Plant availability / consistently achieving productivity and quality
  • Keeping operating costs within budget (Power, chemicals, membrane replacement, spare parts)
  • Efficient utilization of O&M staff
  • Compliance issues
How DesalPro™ Works
  • Existing plant operation data is collected and sent to Aquatech
  • Plant P&IDs and control philosophy is studied by Aquatech
  • Our experts develop an analytical model from the data and plant information
  • A secure IT gateway is established to collect data from plant control system on real time basis
  • Information residing outside control system (for example lab reports, local instrument readings etc.) can be manually input by operators
  • Data is securely transferred to a cloud based server
  • Database continually gathers data and processes it into analytical models to predict potential problems enabling Machine Learning by the digital platform and advises operators ahead of time
  • The platform will not take action by design and strictly maintains its advisory role, allowing the plant operations team to make operational decisions.
  • Actionable advice will be provided to plant operators over emails and text messages on plant computers, cell phones or tablets
  • Cloud compliance: SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Data Centers, ISO270001, CSA, SOC2
  • Data Encryption: AES-256
  • DesalPro™ can be used on new and existing seawater desalination systems.
Maximizing Savings Through DesalPro™ and Aquatech O&M

With over 40 years of experience designing and supplying a full range of industrial water treatment systems, Aquatech understands what is required to maintain advanced technology equipment to enhance a plant’s life cycle for the best possible performance with minimal downtime. Aquatech’s Integrated Water Services (IWS) delivers long-term, reliable and cost- effective solutions.

DesalPro is the latest addition to Aquatech’s technology portfolio to optimize plant performance.

Aquatech's Desalination Lifecycle Experience
  • Detail design and engineering of plants
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Long term O&M services
  • KPI based service performance delivery
  • Plant Upgrades and Retrofits
Aquatech’s O&M Benefits in SWRO Desalination
  • Higher plant uptime
  • Extended membrane life
  • Reduced power consumption by timely maintenance and cleaning
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Reduced cartridge filter replacement frequency
  • Optimized chemical consumption
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