Globally rising freshwater scarcity and decreasing cost of water have increased demand for low-cost SWRO (Seawater Reverse Osmosis) solutions. Such solutions should also solve the ubiquitous problems plaguing SWRO today, such as high energy consumption, biofouling and the subsequent need for frequent chemical cleaning. Aquatech’s DesalMOD™ line of desalination products provides a complete treatment solution consistently meeting these requirements, along with providing added value of flexible design, rapid implementation and advanced automation to further reduce system operating costs.

DesalMOD™ is comprised of robust pretreatment, optimized RO, bacteria deactivation and a proprietary osmotic cleaning technique. Specically, the product line includes standardized Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Gravity or Dual Media Filtration, Ultraltration (UF), Bacteria Deactivator, low energy desalination through two-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Osmotic Cleaning and Clean in place (CIP) system. When combined with advanced automation and Aquatech’s extensive desalination experience, DesalMOD™ consistently provides smooth and trouble-free operation with the lowest energy cost of water (3 kWh/m³) delivered to our customers.


• All process components are included within a single skid complete with wiring and tubing to minimize footprint and simplify transport. interconnecting piping and cabling are available as options.

• Competitive leasing options available due to modular design.

• Simplified operation and service through online cleaning capability. Additional service needs can be easily handled with Aquatech’s support.

• DesalMOD™ capacity can be designed and hot standby capacity can be provided by adjusting the number of units of different units in the product line.

• Products are shipped in minimum number of units for fast installation and assembly at site.

• By minimizing the client expenditure for production, installation, commissioning and operation, the DesalMOD™ Suite provides a highly economical and holistic treatment solution.


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