BioMOD™ Dissolved Air Flotation

BioMOD™ DAF can be applied to a variety of industrial applications for the removal of solids and oil and grease. BioMOD™ DAF can also be applied to non-traditional applications, such as substituting a secondary clarifier in conventional activated sludge and fixed film processes, removing phosphorous using chemical precipitation, and treating acid mine drainage (AMD).

Aquatech can conduct treatability and pilot studies for challenging applications to determine the internal recirculation to Solids ratios of the effluent and optimize the sizing of the BioMOD™ DAF flotation system. There are 7 standard BioMOD™ DAF models to treat a variety of flows with solids / oil contaminants. For smaller hydraulic capacities, the flotation tanks and auxiliary equipment are mounted on a single base frame for skids and offer “Plug and Play” capabilities. Aquatech can also design and manufacture custom units for higher flow rate and solids combinations.

Efficient sizing and model selection for each individual effluent type result in cost-effective designs with a small footprint

Modular Design results in ease of transportation and provide true “Plug and Play” installation, lowering installation and O&M costs.

High efficiency of air mixing through a uniquely designed Air Saturation/White Water system, resulting in enhanced separation efficiencies and optimized chemical consumption.

Robust variable speed design scraper provides a long life of chains, sprockets and scraper blades.

Optimized flotation tank level adjustment mechanism provides means to change tank levels as required to promote scum build up and enhance scraper run frequencies

Flexible design to cater to varying contaminant loads by adjusting recycle flows where required using Variable Frequency Drives

High quality product water with low BOD, COD, and TSS with a high removal efficiency.

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