BioFilmPro™ Breakthrough Biofouling Treatment and Control

Biofouling causes millions of dollars of damage to industrial and public water infrastructure, affecting the efficiency, productivity, and structural integrity of membrane-based systems and water cooling processes. Biofouling can result in energy and heat transfer inefficiencies, under-deposit corrosion, reduced industrial production, overuse of chemicals, increased maintenance requirements and public health concerns.

Aquatech’s BioFilmPro is a sustainable data-driven solution, which effectively controls biofouling by integrating real-time sensing and monitoring of biofilm formation with continuous electricochemical deactivation of bacteria and controlled biocide dosing.

Biofouling Formation on Membranes / Cooling Water Systems
An Integrated Data Driven Solution

BioFilmPro is composed of two core products:

• BioFilmPro Sense
• BioFilmPro Deactivate

BioFilmPro Sense also controls the dosing of supplemental biocide feed using “real-time” electrochemical sensing and data monitoring to mitigate biofilm. This solution not only curtails biofilm growth to restore and maintain operational efficiency, but also achieves this result with minimal biocide usage.

BioFilmPro Deactivate works by emitting a weak current to bacteria in the water, deactivating biofilm formation.

BioFilmPro Analytics is an IoT and cloud based solution enables predictive control of biocide pumps
for timely prevention of biofilm formation. Our Analytics system can generate alarms, create reports, display trends and summarize chemical savings. This information is made available in real time on cell phones, tablets and computers for our customers.

BioFilmPro operates through three integrated data-driven mechanisms: electrochemical biofilm sensing and growth monitoring, electrochemical bacteria “deactivation”, and feedback-based biocide injection and control. These three mechanisms measure the system’s impact on biofilm growth and initiate biocide injection only when required.

Key Advantages of BioFilmPro™
  • Real-Time Results – instantaneous response
    • Online detection and monitoring of biofilm with no lab testing needed, allowing for the real-time creation of biofilm formation trends that can be effectively responded to
  • Predictive and Proactive Actions – respond before the problem occurs
    • Early warning system detects potentially detrimental changes in biofilm formation rate
    • Biofilm formation trends can be monitored, allowing for proactive supplemental biocide injection
  • Sustainable Solution – environmentally friendly
    • Lower biocide chemical consumption than conventional “blind” method, since the bacteria deactivator does most of the work, and the sensor monitors and assesses the biocide’s effectiveness
  • Improved Efficiencies – optimum total cost of operation
    • Higher treatment plant uptime and energy efficiency with a lower total cost of operation
  • Risk Mitigation – peace of mind
    • BioFilmPro™ offers the plant operator complete assurance of biofilm control and confidence in controlling biological fouling
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