Next-Level Biofilm Control Technology for Efficiency & Sustainable Plant Operations

Commercial and industrial utility plants require mission-critical processes to run efficiently and reliably. If not addressed, biological fouling can lead to significant challenges that require extensive use of resources, making it an important part of a comprehensive water treatment program.

Aquatech takes bio lm control to the next level with BioFilmPro, a proactive bio lm measurement and control technology that treats biofouling before problems occur. BioFilmPro combines bacteria deactivation, real-time sensing, and data-driven analytics to predict, prevent, and control biofilm. This reduces chemical use and promotes sustainable plant operations.

How does BioFilmPro work?

BioFilmPro uses bacteria deactivation, real-time sensing, and data-driven analytics to help plant operators make informed decisions that prevent biofilm-related challenges in their operations.   

Bacteria Deactivation

BioFilmPro treatment uses a continuous mild electric current to damage and deactivate bacteria cells, rendering them unable to reproduce and form biofilm.  

Real-Time Sensing 

BioFilmPro’s sensor continuously measures the potential for biofilm formation in real-time. It’s easy to install on existing systems, and the collected data is fed directly to the predictive analytics software.  

Data-Driven Analytics 

The predictive analytics software aggregates and analyzes data, employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the system.  It tracks biofilm trends against past events, anticipating future occurrences and issuing automatic corrective actions to avoid system disruptions.    

Advantages of predictive biofilm control with BioFilmPro

Leveraging BioFilmPro to combat biological fouling has many advantages for your operations, including:

  • Real-Time Results – Online detection and monitoring create real-time biofilm formation trends.
  • Proactive Action – Detecting changes in biofilm formation rate early enables proactive biocide injection.
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation – Improve plant economics with higher uptime & optimized energy consumption.
  • Improve Sustainability – Lower chemical and energy usage than conventional biofilm control methods.
  • Mitigate Risk – Complete operator assurance and peace of mind with informed decision-making and treatment.

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