The next generation of proactive biofilm control technology

Biological fouling is a major challenge in commercial, industrial, and municipal treatment plants and can significantly damage your assets. Especially prevalent in cooling towers and membrane systems, biofouling can lead to increased maintenance, reduced productivity, and a high total cost of operation.

Aquatech has developed BioFilmPro, the next generation of proactive biofilm control to respond effectively to treatment before a biofouling problem arises. BioFilmPro™ integrates real-time sensing, bacteria deactivation, and data-driven analytics to accurately predict and control biofilm, reducing chemical consumption for more sustainable plant operations.

How does BioFilmPro work?

BioFilmPro operates through three integrated data-driven mechanisms: electrochemical biofilm sensing and growth monitoring, electrochemical bacteria deactivation, and feedback-based biocide injection and control. These three mechanisms measure the system’s impact on biofilm growth and initiate biocide injection only when required, maintaining operational efficiency and reducing chemical usage.

System with and without BioFilmPro

  • BioFilmPro Sense is an electrochemical device that can detect as little as 1% biofilm coverage and identify early biofilm formation. It controls the supplemental dosing of biocide feed using real-time electrochemical sensing and data monitoring.
  • BioFilmPro Deactivate emits a weak current of bacteria in the water, deactivating biofilm formation.
  • BioFilmPro Analytics is a cloud-based solution that enables predictive control of biocide pumps for the timely prevention of biofilm formation. The analytics system generates alarms, creates reports, displays trends, and summarizes chemical savings in real-time.

BioFilmPro proactively senses, deactivates, and controls biofilm growth for a sustainable approach to plant operations.

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Advantages of predictive biofilm control with BioFilmPro

Leveraging BioFilmPro to combat biological fouling has many advantages for your operations, including:

  • Real-Time Results – Online detection and monitoring of biofilm with no lab testing required to allow for the real-time creation of biofilm formation trends that can be quickly addressed.
  • Predictive & Proactive Action – Early warning system detects potentially detrimental changes in the biofilm formation rate, allowing for proactive supplemental biocide injection.
  • Improved Efficiencies – Proactive biofilm control leads to higher treatment plant uptime and energy efficiency with a lower total cost of operation.
  • Mitigated Risk – Complete assurance and operator peace of mind of biofilm control.
  • Reduced Chemical Consumption – Lower biocide chemical consumption than conventional chemical dosing with the bacteria deactivator and sensor monitoring and assessing the biocide’s effectiveness.
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