Municipal & Infrastructure

Aquatech offers comprehensive solutions for Municipal and Infrastructure markets to efficiently and safely manage their water & wastewater treatment assets.

With the combined experience of design, supply and commissioning of over 1500 water & waste water treatment facilities globally, we are capable of delivering high quality O&M services, and solving any technical challenges faced by our clients.

Aquatech has implemented numerous complex water and wastewater treatment facilities for communities and industries across the country and throughout the world. We routinely work with engineers, contractors and end-users to provide turn-key solutions to everyday municipal water and wastewater utility needs.

O&M Services - Improved System Efficiency

Over time, Municipal water and wastewater infrastructure degrades and regulatory requirements change, leaving operations staff with a situation that can be very difficult to navigate. Aquatech’s approach to guaranteed contract operations begins with a full assessment of the existing system to identify and prioritize improvements. Our experienced professionals will design an appropriate operations plan, to update standard O&M procedures, implement required modifications and upgrades to achieve full utilization of your water and wastewater treatment assets.


In addition to the above mentioned state-of-the art municipal O&M services, Aquatech  can also design, build and implement complete turnkey water & wastewater utility solutions including:

    • Design, Build, Operate & Finance (DBOF)
    • Design, Build & Operate (DBO)
    • Design & Build (DB)
    • Full asset privatization (Acquire Asset & Operate)
    • Asset upgrades and retrofits
    • Decentralized Water Management
      • Remote non-urbanized areas that are not connected to municipal networks
      • Commercial Real Estate (CRE) – Developers
      • Municipal Utility Districts (MUD)
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Professional analysis and staffing requirements

Another major challenge for the municipal wastewater industry is finding and keeping qualified professional operations personnel. These key operations professionals are aging, the technology skills needed are constantly evolving, and there is a scarcity of young people entering the water and wastewater industry.  At Aquatech International, our contract operations agreements include immediate implementation of  a comprehensive training and staffing plan, appropriately designed for each individual O&M professional, to ensure a seamless transition from public to private sector and an upward career pathway.

At Aquatech International, we also draw upon the experience of hundreds of certified professionals throughout the world, backed by the knowledge and skills of hundreds more engineers, scientists, and regulatory experts, to solve the most difficult operational challenges and issues, and keeping your municipal water and wastewater treatment plants running efficiently and in full compliance.

Decentralized Water Management Options

Aquatech International has been proven time and again as a leader in innovation and cutting edge design.  Part of this legacy is modular and scalable water treatment and wastewater treatment units that can be used to adapt a municipal water system to adjust to increased demand by augmenting a current system without major infrastructural changes.  This approach of decentralized water management allows municipalities to permanently address changes in consumer demand and governmental regulations at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure project management and provides a scalable solution to adjust to future need and regulation.  Dowload our PDF explaining how decentralized water management works for you.

Municipal & Infrastructure
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