Homecare & Beauty

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Today, it is a crucial part of a company’s business practices. We know that being sustainable is important to your business. We also understand that implementing new technology to meet sustainability goals can be an expensive process. That’s why we created technologies that help companies meet their sustainability goals while still remaining profitable.

Aquatech proposes treatment customized solutions for the home and beauty care wastewater which save costs and improves ease of operations. Home and beauty care is traditionally hard and expensive to treat. A combination of chemical dosages control, sludge generation and management and quality fluctuation makes the conventional way to treat these types of wastewater cost and operation intensive. Aquatech’s solutions combine membrane, evaporative and biological technologies to provide value to the treatment resulting in cost savings and a more sustainable approach. One of our recent studies is about the choice to be sustainable by selecting an evaporative technology as mean of treating the wastewater.

An Alternative to Pilot Programs

Aquatech has designed a new way to test water that is more efficient and less expensive than traditional pilot programs. Once the test wastewater is provided to us, we are able to test it in an off site facility and determine which of our solutions would be the best fit.

We recently used this test with a client who was not sure if their water would be treatable with one of our solutions. They sent their water to us, which we tested and found a solution for. We then informed the client of the solution that would be the best fit. This program was less expensive than a traditional pilot program.