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Milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and other products manufactured with milk or milk byproducts like whey or buttermilk generate large volumes of wastewater. Through the pasteurization or homogenization process, high-strength industrial wastewater is produced, containing high concentrations of biological oxygen demand (BOD), phosphorus, nitrogen, and fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Proper wastewater treatment is required to comply with environmental discharge regulations or water suitable for reuse. 

At Aquatech, we understand the need to treat challenging high-strength wastewater while reducing the lifecycle cost of clients’ wastewater solutions. With over 40 years of water and wastewater innovation and experience, we are an accountable partner for reliable water treatment and nutrient removal equipment. 

Our solutions for dairy producers

With tightening wastewater discharge requirements and an increasing focus on sustainability, now is a pivotal time to reevaluate your treatment strategy. Our experience providing turnkey solutions combined with our local presence will ensure your expectations are met. Further, our solutions are manufactured with the highest quality components, ensuring longevity. Explore our offering:

Our wastewater treatment systems provide comprehensive, low-footprint solutions leveraging our in-house membrane products with little to no capital investment.  

The units can be retrofitted to work within your existing facility’s footprint or clarifiers/aeration lagoons to reduce surcharges and can be leased as needed for lagoon/holding tank cleanup. 

We offer water technology as a service by integrating technology, expertise, and financing to consistently deliver reliable performance at a predictable cost. 

  • Mobile/Rental Equipment helps maintain business continuity and consistently achieve your desired treatment and sustainability goals. 
  • Outsourced Operationsallow you to focus on your core operations while we take responsibility for your treatment systems. 
  • Aftermarket Servicesensure the long-term sustainability of your operations throughout the lifecycle of your water and wastewater treatment equipment. 

We combine state-of-the-art chemical process technology with the latest software to deliver a complete water treatment product. Add in operations training, resulting in a solution with consistently high-performance efficiency. 

Video: Dairy Product Wastewater BOD & Nitrogen Removal for Surcharge Reduction

Through whey separation operations, equipment washing, and filtration waste, facilities deal with large volumes of wastewater, typically pumped to an aeration basin or tank with a massive footprint and high aeration retention time. Our BioMOD packaged moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) can be deployed on demand to reduce seasonal nitrogen and biological oxygen demand (BOD) buildup, especially in the winter. The treated effluent can be directly discharged, provided that phosphorus, total suspended solids (TSS) and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) have also been removed. 

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Brochure: The Value of Water in Cheese Production

heesemakers must manage their process water and wastewater carefully, as they often contain high levels of pollutants like BOD, phosphorus, chloride, nitrogen, and FOG. This can make profitability and compliance with regulations difficult. Implementing a water and wastewater treatment solution can minimize equipment depreciation, future expenses, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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Video: Dairy Product Wastewater Phosphorus & FOG Removal for Environmental Compliance

Through whey separation operations, equipment washing, and filtration waste, facilities deal with large volumes of wastewater, which must comply with the environmental requirements on phosphorus and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) discharge limitations. Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) or clarifiers are typically used to remove suspended matter in the wastewater. Aquatech can retrofit or provide service recommendations for your existing equipment to ensure discharge limits are met while maintaining a healthy watershed containing biodiversity free of eutrophication. 

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