Water Purification Solutions for Complex Water Problems

Aquatech has completed more than 1,000 installations in 60 countries. Our customers are some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies. Our innovative solutions are specific to meeting water purification and reuse requirements of major industries, including upstream oil and gas, unconventional oil gas, petrochemical, power generation, and mining.


Industries we service include:

Power Generation

  • The power industry is one of the greatest consumers of water worldwide, making industrial water and wastewater treatment a vital topic. At Aquatech, we have extensive experience and track record with coal, gas fired, and biomass power plants. We offer customers complete wastewater treatment solutions and technologies to meet pollution guidelines.

Petrochemicals & Refinement Downstream Oil and Gas

  • Both process water and wastewater are key factors in successful operations in the petrochemical industry. These plants have demanding environmental management challenges and regulations. Aquatech’s efficient water treatment and recycling technologies offer tremendous water-saving opportunities for our customers.

Oil and Gas

  • In recent decades, the Oil and Gas industry has undergone significant changes. However, water and wastewater treatment in the oil and gas industries has remained a key factor for successful operations.  Aquatech’s total water approach provides sustainable water solutions based on end usage applications – solutions based on end usage applications – solutions that work to increase safety, reduce risk, improve economics, and are in sync with both community and regulatory requirements. Through our wide range of technologies, services and extensive knowledge, Aquatech has been serving some of the largest global Oil and Gas companies in meeting their water treatment and wastewater needs.

Unconventional Gas Upstream Oil and Gas

  • Aquatech is strategically located within the Marcellus Shale region; therefore, providing us with extensive experience managing produced water from shale gas wells. These solutions ensure a consistent water composition that enables minimal down-hole scaling and reliable hydro fracturing. Our wide range of treatment technologies are adaptable, customizable, multi-tier, and capable of handling wide variations of water chemistry.

Mining & Metals

  • Today, more and more industries are prohibited from discharging any liquid waste originating from their facilities and required to meet evolving environmental regulations.


  • Aquatech is one of the few companies in the world providing membrane as well as thermal water treatment systems for potable water or other uses. We have worked with leading municipalities around the world, offering the expertise and extensive experience needed to help them meet their unique requirements such as space limitations, purity of water, etc.  Aquatech offers the unique ability to provide water treatment plants on outsourcing models (BOOT, DBOOM) that can cater to huge infrastructure water requirements such as airports. The water can be treated such as high level purity to be used as boiler feed water.