Consisting of specific process units (MoTreat®, MoMix®, MoPress®, and MoVap®), the MoSuite™ Mobile Water Treatment family  has been designed by Aquatech for on-site and satellite coal seam methane gas recovery.

The various units work in tangent to optimize the water treatment process, yielding water that can be recycled and reused without the need for costly trucking to off-site facilities. Therefore, Aquatech is your single source provider of multi-tier, sustainable, and cost effective treatment solutions for flowback and produced water at the well pad.


Mobile Water Distillation System

Industrial scale distillation system for removal of dissolved solids to produce water for recycle & reuse.

The water meets:

  • PA DEP regulations
  • Minimizes down-hole scaling
  • Reduces wastewater volumes
  • Provides ultra-clean water

Mobile Water Pre-Treatment System

  • Removal of suspended solids (TSS)
  • Manage hardness, bacteria, and select precipitation of metals

Mobile Sludge Dewatering Unit

Utilizes a sludge thickener and sludge plate and frame filter press. The thickener increases the concentration of the sludge via settling while allowing clean effluent to flow off. The filter press drastically dewaters the sludge, separating the relatively clean filtrate from now a much higher % solids filter cake. The sludge / filter cake is then dumped and taken off site for disposal.

Simplifies retention time to mix in pretreatment chemicals. It is divided up into three chambers each with a heavy-duty mixer where soda ash and sodium sulfate are added