Reliable, Adaptable, Sustainable

Aquatech Energy Services (AES) is a global leader, and has been for over 30 years in providing services on a turnkey basis to the unconventional shale and conventional oil and natural gas industry to manage, treat for beneficial reuse, and dispose drilling, flowback, and produced water.

Aquatech Energy Services provides disinfection services using a multitude of biocides and disinfectants to treat source water and produced water for sulfate reducing bacteria, reduction of hydrogen sulfide, and prevention of biofilm formation within oil and water tank batteries. Our services include treatment of source, flowback, and produced water for metals like iron and manganese, reduction of hardness bearing compounds such as barium, calcium, magnesium, and reduction of sulfate.

Aquatech Energy Services treatment processes are based on technology from Aquatech International with business options ranging from short term to long term contracts operating at well pads using mobile treatment units or at central facilities using fixed modular treatment units, all delivered by a highly skilled, safety compliant and experienced team.

Our business models range from design build own (DBO), build own operate (BOO), service maintenance contracts, equipment leasing, training and remote monitoring. We operate multiple merchant central water treatment facilities serving oil and natural gas producers to treat and dispose wastewater from exploration and production activities.

Energy Services
Energy Services
Energy Services
  • Flowback
  • Drill (High Suspended)
  • Production Brine
  • Top Hole Water
  • O&G Residual Waste
  • Treat For Discharge
  • Treat For Reuse
  • Treatment At Wellpad
  • Dispose To Producer
  • Store For Treatment & Reuse

Aquatech energy services offers sustainable solutions that are friendly to the environment as well as the gas producer. We enable flowback and produced water to be treated consistently to the desired specifications for recycling and reuse. Our integrated on-site and off-site solutions effectively accomplish ZLD.

Natural gas producers desire this high level of consistency provided by Aquatech. They want treatment standards to exceed current and future regulatory requirements. Our commitment to sustainability sets a standard way beyond what many believe is possible today.