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Reliable, Sustainable, Adaptable

AquaR2RO Two Water JarsManaging unconventional oil and gas wastewater from shale gas wells is challenging and requires a variety of solutions and services, Aquatech offers both mobile and central facility solutions that provide customers services to suit their needs. The demands of field operations on equipment and personnel require a high level of continued dedication, experience, and engineering.

Aquatech delivers reliability on all of these fronts to ensure that unconventional gas wastewater management and treatment enable gas production to proceed rapidly and efficiently. Our solutions ensure a consistent water composition with minimal undesired contamination. This enables predictable production characteristics such as consistent hydro fracturing and minimal down-hole scaling.

Most importantly, Aquatech offers sustainable solutions that are friendly to the environment as well as the gas producer. The industry needs unconventional gas wastewater treatment standards to exceed current and future regulatory requirements. Our commitment to sustainability sets a standard way beyond what many believe is possible today.

Aquatech Energy Services – Mobile Solutions

Aquatech Energy Services (AES) provides unconventional oil and gas producers with synergistic mobile/modular solutions that treat and recycle hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water near the wellhead. The MoSuite™ system generates a reusable and sustainable water source for multiple well pads and reduces the volume of fresh water required for shale oil or gas production.

MoSuite™ Value Propositions:

  • Mobile, on-site filtration/disinfection/evaporation systems
  • Ultra-clean water yield with total dissolved solids < 500 ppm
  • Flex solutions adaptable to unique well pad environments
  • Custom configured for specific treatment process options

Unconventional Gas At a Glance

  • Comprehensive services for gas producers in Marcellus, Permian, and various plays around the world
  • Mobile treatment units for on-pad treatment
  • Central facilities for off-site treatment
  • Reliable, Sustainable, Adaptable

Unconventional Gas Wastewater Treatment-MoSuite


  • MoSuite™ Mobile treatment units to treat water on-pad
  • Central facility treatment


  • Produced Water
  • Flowback Water


  • MoSuite™
    • MoTreat®
    • MoVap®
    • MoPress®
    • MoMix®

Unconventional Gas Brochure

Aquatech is strategically located within the Marcellus Shale region. This enables us to leverage local and immediate knowledge of shale gas applications as it pertains to water, that gas companies can benefit from. With our broad portfolio of technologies and extensive experience, we can ensure the effective treatment of flowback and produced water.

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