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  • Aquatech FEWA 1 v2

    Desalination with Distinction

    Aquatech is honored to announce that the Ghalilah Reverse Osmosis Facility has won Distinction for Desalination Plant of the Year at the 2016 Global Water Awards.

    Learn more about one of the most energy efficient membrane desalination plants in the world
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    Maximize Savings Through Custom Services

    Aquatech delivers long-term, reliable and cost-effective service solutions with a favorable return on investment.

    Learn more about how IWS reliably manages long-term performance of desalination, water reuse, and ZLD systems
  • FGD/ZLD Solutions For Coal Power Plants

    FGD/ELG Solutions For Coal Power Plants

    Aquatech provides proven solutions to coal-fired power plants that are in compliance with ELG’s for wastewater discharge.

    View Aquatech’s solutions for FGD ELG compliance
  • China-Mine-Project

    Helping Chinese Industry Manage Water Resources

    Aquatech Mine Water Recycling Project Showcased at 26th United States - China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade

    United States Secretary of Commerce and representatives from Aquatech and Chinacoal Group convene during special signing ceremony initiating new integrated water recycle/ZLD project
  • MIAL

    Optimizing Extremely Limited Space

    Aquatech water and wastewater projects are innovative in terms of optimizing physical space and reducing environmental footprint.

    Biological Wastewater Treatment for Mumbai International Airport
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    Evaporate Downtime and Installation Costs

    Aquatech provides innovative modular solutions that help reduce installation time and cost in the field.

    SmartMOD® Technology
  • R2R0

    Tackling The Most Challenging Waters

    Our focus is taking on the most difficult wastewater treatment challenge with an inspired technical solution.

    AquaR2R0™ Technology Can Offer Recoveries Of Up To 99%
  • FEWA

    Technology Leadership In Desalination

    At less than 3.1 kWh m3, our facility for the UAE’s Federal Electricity & Water Authority is one of the most energy efficient in the region.

    18 MGD Membrane Desalination, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE

Aquatech helps the world’s most recognized companies solve important water challenges.

Aquatech is a leader in water technology for industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, wastewater reuse, and zero liquid discharge.




Power Industry Solutions

Aquatech provides coal power plants with complete solutions that meet ELG and CCR compliance with wastewater discharge guidelines, including FGD wastewater management, to help achieve clean power generation.


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Mumbai International Airport

Wastewater treatment plant that shows the greatest innovation in terms of optimizing its physical or environmental footprint.

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LoWatt™ (Innovation)

Aquatech’s LoWatt technology effectively addresses the two primary pain points of membrane desalination; biofouling and energy consumption.

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Integrated Water Services (IWS)

Aquatech’s Integrated Water Services delivers long-term, reliable and cost-effective service solutions to desalination, water reuse, and ZLD systems with a favorable return on investment. The IWS team works closely with each Aquatech customer to create a customized plan that results in improved equipment uptime and performance, enhanced water productivity, and operating cost optimization. This allows customers to focus on their core business, knowing they can depend on IWS as a single source provider for total water life cycle management, consistency of operation, and best system performance.

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Galilah, Ras Al Khaima

Desalination plant based on reverse osmosis technology to produce fresh water from seawater.

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