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  • R2RO


    A robust & reliable integrated membrane process configured to achieve 2X reject TDS concentration compared to conventional RO systems on difficult to treat waters thus resulting in reduced overall cost of Zero Liquid Discharge or recycle/reuse systems.

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    Zero Liquid Discharge System Power Plant

    Aquatech successfully commissioned a complete makeup water treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility at the 582 MW Kemper County Energy project, one of the few Integrated Gasification Combined (IGCC) projects in the United States.
  • Desalination

    Low Energy Desalination

    An energy efficient membrane process, reverse osmosis, is gaining traction where thermal desalination technologies have traditionally been employed. LoWatt™ Membrane Desalination technology focuses on membrane desalination’s two biggest pain points: biofouling and energy consumption.
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    Tackling The Most Challenging Waters

    At Aquatech, our focus is taking on the most difficult wastewater treatment challenges with an inspired technical solution.
  • IntegratedWaterServices

    Make Every Drop Count

    Aquatech’s Integrated Water Services (IWS) utilizes expertise in process engineering, systems design and O&M services to deliver solutions that efficiently reduce fresh water consumption by maximizing wastewater recycle/reuse.

Aquatech helps the world’s most recognized companies solve important water challenges.

Aquatech is a leader in water technology for industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, wastewater reuse, and zero liquid discharge.






Helping Oil Producers in Western Canada Evaporate Downtime and Installation Costs


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Mumbai International Airport

Wastewater treatment plant that shows the greatest innovation in terms of optimizing its physical or environmental footprint.

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An Advanced Biological Process that Provides Results 

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Integrated Water Services (IWS)

Operations and Maintenance- Aquatech supporting utilities on mission critical zero liquid discharge operations.

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Galilah, Ras Al Khaima

Desalination plant based on reverse osmosis technology to produce fresh water from seawater.

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