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CTX –Coal to Chemicals, Gas, Liquid

The Power of 3- BTZ
Aquatech offers BTZ (Biotreatment to ZLD) solutions that enable efficient treatment and reuse of wastewaters.
BTZ solutions for complex wastewater streams

Unconventional Gas

Complete solutions for Gas drilling
Aquatech provides the critical balance of technology expertise and service offerings to help our clients achieve their environmental compliance goals.                                  more ....
MoVap-mobile solution to treat flowback water on-site


Over 50 years of technology leadership
Aquatech is one of few companies in the world to able to offer our clients both Thermal and Membrane desalination.
Membrane Desalination, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Industrial Reuse

Tackling the most challenging waters
At Aquatech, our focus is taking on most difficult waste water treatment challenges and responding with an inspired technical solution.                                        more ....
Refinery Effluent Treatment

Zero Liquid Discharge

Making ZLD affordable
With installations on 6 continents, Aquatech has the required experience to solve the most challenging ZLD problems.
ZLD for Flue Gas Desulpherization (FGD) Waste, Italy

Hydrocarbon Processing Industries

Oil and Gas
For over 25 years, Aquatech has been a partner to the industry providing water treatment solutions for upstream, refining, and downstream applications.                                  more ....
Oil Field Produced Water Evaporators, Oman

Complete Service Solutions

Water Efficiency Audits
Are just one of many services we offer to our clients. Aquatech is committed to offering our customers sustainable service solutions for their operating plants.                                 more ....
Complete O&M services, ensuring plant uptime and meeting performance based gurantees

Thermal Desalination

Increase reliability, reduce Carbon Footprint
MED Technology offers the most reliable form of desalination as well as significant energy efficiency as compared to other methods of thermal desalination.                                 more ....
Multiple Effect Distillation (MED), Saudi Arabia
Advanced Modularized Evaporation System for Oil Sands

International Desalination Association (IDA)
Tianjin, 20-25 October, 2013
Booth No: A-60

Power-Gen International
Orlando, Florida, 12-14 November, 2013
Booth No: 3401

The Ambassador of Egypt to the US and Devesh Sharma talk about Aquatech helping Egypt with their Water Challenges.

Aquatech’s focus is to support clients in solving their water scarcity challenges worldwide

A leading water and wastewater treatment company, Aquatech is continuously innovating in water technology and business processes to create and deliver value to its customers