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World Class Water Treatment, Reuse & Management Worldwide.

Aquatech prides itself on its ability to take on new applications and develop cost-effective and reliable solutions for them. We do this by teaming with our customers to understand their key issues, followed by a significant amount of laboratory work and pilot testing. We provide exceptional quality water treatment for a variety of industries.

Flue Gas Desulphurization

Due to more stringent air emissions standards, both new and existing coal-fired power plants are required to remove Sulfur Oxide (SOx) emissions.

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Refinery Effluent

Aquatech is an innovator in recycling refinery wastewater.

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Cooling Tower Blowdown

 Aquatech has vast experience in recycle/reuse solutions for cooling tower blowdown.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

 Aquatech offers a variety of technologies to recycle produced water.

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IGCC Wastewater Treatment

IGCC Steam generated through the gasification process produces effluent containing high levels of dissolved solids and other impurities, which requires advanced water treatment prior to discharge.

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Coal to Chemicals / Liquid Waste

CTX effluents cannot be discharged into the environment without proper coal to chemicals wastewater treatment.

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Coal Seam Gas Produced Water

Pretreatment, desalination, post-treatment, and concentrated waste disposal are required water quality standards for the Coal Seam Gas Industries.

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Acid Mine Drainage

 Addressing a key environmental concern cost effectively and reliably.

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Spent Caustic Treatment

Spent caustic streams from the downstream of the oil and gas industries consist of very high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels and several other hazardous contaminants.

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Produced Water

Produced water is the largest by-product associated with oil and gas production that must be reused or disposed.

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