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Recycle & Reuse

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Extending Water’s Life Cycle

Aquatech is a leader and pioneer in wastewater reuse, having completed some of the first large-scale projects in both industrial and municipal reuse. We possess this deep experience and expertise having tackled a variety of applications with an in-depth toolbox of technologies.

Recycle & Reuse At a Glance

  • Innovators in ultra high recovery water reuse
  • HERO™ Technology maximized high recovery and reliability
  • Integrated Solutions from B to Z Biological treatment through ZLD


  • SAGD
  • Cooling Tower Blowdown
  • Produced Water
  • Boiler Blowdown
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • IGCC Wastewater Treatment
  • Refinery Effluent
  • Frac flowback


  • Physical Chemical and filtration treatment
  • Evaporation and crystallization
  • Ion Exchange and Demineralizers
  • Electrodeionization
  • Biological Treatment


  • R2RO (HERO™)
  • HEVAP™
  • SmartMod®
  • MoVap®
  • BioCore™