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Oil & Gas Product News: Challenges in Water Treatment for the Upstream Oil and Gas Market

Oil & Gas Product News, December 12, 2014 — This article explores the challenges in water treatment for the upstream oil and gas market. Since energy consumption continues to rapidly grow, new sources of energy must be developed to meet rising demand. Therefore, in recent years, meaningful advancements in production technologies have

Aquatech Participates in the Bloomberg BNA Webinar: Desalination and Water Reuse

November 20, 2014 — This webinar will address new developments, implementation of best practices and energy-saving retrofits to existing plants promise to further reduce energy consumption and increase affordability. Additionally, water reuse, which utilizes many of the same components and technologies as desalination, continues to gain traction in water resource management programs

A Unique Method for Recycling and Reuse of Desalinated Water-Case Histories

  • Posted On November 2, 2014
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Previously published as part of The International Desalination Association (IDA) World Congress Proceedings, Bahamas-2003

Abstract: Desalination provides high purity water for municipal and industrial purposes worldwide where fresh water supplies are scarce or do not exist. In most cases, the desalinated water is used once, treated, and returned to the sea. Since

New Technology and Long-Term Reliability in Process and Potable Water Production

D&WR Magazine, August 26, 2014 — Charles Desportes director of thermal desalination for the Aqua-chem ICD Division of Aquatech International. The Rabigh desalination plant in Saudi Arabia has outstripped its design output and water quality for nearly ten years. Designer of the plant’s multiple effect distillation heart, Aquatech, sought at the

USA Oil & Gas Monitor: Aquatech to Provide Evaporator Technology for Jacos Hangingstone Oil Sands Project in Alberta

USA Oil & Gas Monitor, June 13, 2014- Aquatech, a global leader in water treatment solutions for the oil & gas market, has been awarded a contract to provide its evaporator technology for the JACOS Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd. Hangingstone Expansion Project in Alberta, Canada. Aquatechs Vertical Tube Falling Film VTFF

EA Water Forum: An Affair Between Two Inseparable Components

  • Posted On June 21, 2014
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EA Water Forum, June 2014- Amit Sharma Vice President of Industrial Solutions Aquatech Systems (Asia) discusses the fundamental need for water and energy in our society to survive. There is an affair between two inseparable components – one a precious natural resource, and the other a measure of sustainability, growth, and development.


Australian Water Association Journal: Lessons Learned In Unconventional Gas Mining Water Management

Australian Water Association Journal (AWA), April, 2014, by Devesh Mittal- The development of unconventional natural gas resources is in the news. In the United States shale gas dominates, whereas in Australia it is coal seam gas — commonly referred to as CSG. Whether we are talking about shale gas or CSG, the