The Facility 

The Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, a 100-MW biomass plant, will be fueled by wood waste from urban wood refuse, harvested trees, power line and roadway clearance, and lumber mill waste. Located in Gainesville, Florida, when completed, this plant is expected to create enough electricity to power 70,000 homes.

Project Overview

The Gainesville plant would be using reclaim water as a main feed water source for this biomass plant. The plant would also have well water as their backup feed water source. Site permitting required a complete Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system. The main wastewater source is from Cooling Tower Blow Down (CTBD) that would require to be recycled/reused to achieve ZLD requirements. This CTBD wastewater is converted into reusable distillate quality water and all dissolved impurities are converted into solid landfill by using evaporation-crystallization belt filter press technology. The boiler-feed water makeup system required a high purity demoralized water. Aquatech also supplied a demineralized WATERTRAK™ system.

Scope of Service

For this plant, Aquatech provided the following:

Ultrafiltration, 117 GPM (26 m³/hr.); Reverse Osmosis, 2 x 83 GPM (2 x 19 m³/hr.); WATERTRAK™ FEDI® 2 x 75 GPM (2 x 17 m³/hr.); Brine Concentrator, 168 GPM (38 m³/hr.) and a Crystallizer 2 GPM (0.45 m³/hr.). This fully modularized ZLD system was aimed to minimize field installation hours.

Design Water Analysis

Process Flow Diagram