The Facility

India’s first Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) at Mundra in Coastal Gujarat, a 4,000 MW coal fired plant, is owned by Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), a Tata Power group company. Tata Power is India’s largest private sector power utility with an installed generation capacity of over 2,300 MW.

The CGPL UMPP, awarded on a 20 year BOOT basis, will be India’s first private sector power project using supercritical boiler technology; and is expected to be the most energy efficient plant in India. CGPL will draw seawater from the Mundra coast for various utilities and for their main boiler. Aquatech has been awarded the contract for executing the 4,622 GPM (25,200 m³/day) (permeate) capacity Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant (SWRO) on EPC Basis. Aquatech is honored and very proud to be associated with the First UMPP going on stream in the country.

Project Overview

The challenge for Aquatech is 40% permeate recovery on difficult feed water, with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content varying from 42,000 mg/l to 46,000 mg/l and a maximum feed water temperature of 95° F (35°C). This has however not deterred Aquatech from committing to stringent treated water quality of less than 450 mg/l TDS levels at the outlet of SWRO and 5-7 mg/l TDS levels at the outlet of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems (BWRO).

Scope of Service

One of the larger desalination projects to come up in India in recent years, the Aquatech plant, utilizing SWRO technology, will produce 25.2 MLD of the desalinated water for various end user applications. A part of desalinated water will be treated further through a BWRO system to produce 660 GPM (3,600 m³/day) of permeate for use in the upstream mixed beds demineralization plant for boiler feed application. The Aquatech SWRO system consists of a 2 x 6,160 GPM (2 x 1,400 m³/hr) pretreatment plant is comprised of Lamella Clarifiers followed by two-stage filtration using Dual Media and Pressure Sand Filters. The SWRO system consists of four streams of SWRO banks followed by two banks of BWRO. Aquatech also has a mandate to carry out the O&M for a period of three years after commissioning of the CGPL project.

Design Water Analysis

Process Flow Diagram