Integrated, Ultra-High Recovery Membrane Process

AquaR2RO™  is an enhanced reverse osmosis process that integrates a unique membrane configuration to cost-effectively treat difficult waters. The AquaR2RO™ (R2=Robust and Reliable) process renders ultra-high recovery (99%) in treating high TDS water due to its ability to withstand higher than normal operating pressures. High recoveries across the membranes reduce the sizing of the thermal equipment, which constitutes the major part of the CAPEX and OPEX of the recycle system.

The system configuration uses plate and frame design and is designed to handle high pressure up to 2000 PSI depending on the water quality. At the steady state condition, the system operates at a consistent feed concentration.

This process can handle some waters with high turbidity of 10-15 NTU, which sometimes cannot be treated with ultrafiltration membranes. AquaR2ROTM can be successfully employed in conventional RO plants operating at lower recoveries to recover additional water. It can also be retrofitted with an existing Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant that is under performing or needs capacity enhancement.