PureMOD™ Ballasted High-Rate Clarifier
A modular solution for significant solids settling applications

Powered by decades of experience and continuous research and development, Aquatech consistently delivers robust, cost-effective solutions to clients. The PureMOD Ballasted Media High-Rate Clarifier (HRC) is Aquatech’s newest solution that utilizes ballasted media technology to achieve ≥90% turbidity removal at 300% the capacity and 5% the retention time of traditional clarifiers. In effect, the PureMOD Ballasted Media HRC drastically reduces footprint and operational costs for your facility.

PureMOD HRC features
  • Single shippable skid to minimize footprint and simplify transport with full plug-and-play capability makes it suitable for retrofit applications
  • Plant startup and process stabilization times are extremely low with a skilled service team available for technical support
  • Easy availability of ballast media for unhindered plant operation
  • No complex civil foundation requirements onsite
  • Instrumentation and automated operation minimize operator involvement
PureMOD HRC process flow diagram
Download the PureMOD™ HRC Brochure