To support our customers’ need for reducing cost of production of ultrapure water at facilities around the world, Aquatech has developed standard product designs for UF, RO and FEDI. These solutions pack-age years of our team’s experience in system design and operation, and deliver a complete solution consistently meeting engineering specifications and product quality for boiler feed applications, along with added benefits of flexible design, rapid implementation and advanced automation to further reduce labor and system operating costs.

PureMOD comprises of robust ultrafiltration pretreatment (Q-Sep®), Two-pass Reverse Osmosis and Fractional Deionization (FEDI®) for removal of remaining ionized impurities. Aquatech has hundreds of successful installations for these technologies around the world, guaranteeing the success of an integrated PureMOD solution in your facility.


All process components are individually skidded such that it minimizes the footprint and simplify transport.

Competitive leasing options available due to flexibility and scalability of modular design.

Pre-engineered based on engineering team’s field experience to minimize design and equipment costs.

Simplified operation through advanced automation and optional features such as remote monitoring, continuous supply of chemicals and complete servicing.

PureMOD™ can be designed to operate in series or parallel modes for flexibility in water quality and ïflow rate.
Comes in three models: 100, 150 and 200 GPM of product water.


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The PureMOD™ Ballasted Media High-Rate Clarifier (HRC) is Aquatech’s latest innovation in a line of robust, cost-effective solutions for ultra-pure water applications. The PureMOD™ HRC is Aquatech’s utilizes ballasted media technology to achieve 90% turbidity removal at 300% the capacity and 5% the retention time of traditional clarifiers. In effect, the PureMOD™ Ballasted Media HRC drastically reduces footprint and operational costs, making it an effective pre-treatment step to ultrafiltration (UF) in cases of high suspended solids.  Find out more about this add-on solution for PureMOD™ by clicking below.

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