Aging infrastructure and rising demand for high capacity biological water treatment have created a push towards increasingly efficient, compact and affordable solutions. Systems meeting these demands must also be easy to install, and accommodate a wide range of feed water conditions. Therefore, modular systems are essential for enabling companies to manage their wastewater with maximum savings and efficiency. Aquatech’s BioMOD EGSB is one such solution consistently delivering all of these benefits due to its scalable design, rapid production and advanced configuration.

Anaerobic digesters are increasingly being adopted by industrial end-users due to their ability to treat both suspended & soluble COD with methane biofuel as byproduct. BioMOD EGSB achieves such performance by maximizing contact efficiency through use of opti-mized sludge settler design & high-intensity mixing of biomass with a recirculating COD stream. Overall, this technology delivers unique value to clients through its small footprint, maximized sludge reten-tion and high-purity biofuel production.

• Various models are available to accommodate a range of flows and COD loads

• Reactors operate in either series or parallel for flexibility in effluent quality and flow rate, respectively

• Large height to diameter ratio suitable for sites with limited space

• Preassembled reactor and associated equipment are transported to site within a single container

• BioMOD™ EGSB can be seamlessly integrated with pre- and post-treatment


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