Biological Process Provides Results

Aquatech’s BioCORE Fluidized Bed Bioreactor technology utilizes a specially designed media, which due to its unique shape, material and extremely high active surface area, has been proven to achieve consistent water quality compliance in challenging industrial wastewater applications. BioCORE is an advanced biological process that provides results while also reducing the overall CAPEX and OPEX. BioCORE’s process has significant cost benefits and can be easily used to retrofit existing non-performing facilities.


An Advanced Biological Process

BioCORE Advanced Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) is specifically designed to process difficult to treat industrial wastewater. MBBR is well-known as one of the most robust bio technologies and is widely used for processing difficult to treat wastewater applications in refineries, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, steel, and other industries.

BioCORE provides effective treatment of high-strength wastewater while achieving a consistent effluent quality that complies with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. BioCORE’s unique design optimizes the contact between the biomass and the wastewater, thus improving, on the one hand, the tolerance to variability in organic load and, on the other hand, the compactness of the system.

BioCORE Application

BioCORE delivers performance to industries and infrastructure through immobilization of microorganisms in high end biological wastewater treatment systems for the removal of a broad spectrum of contaminants, to include the following:

  • Biodegradable Organics (BOD)
  • Nitrogen Compounds (TKN or NH3)
  • Phosphate Removal (as nutrient)
  • Specific metals (Selenium and Arsenic)

BioCORE Value Propositions

BioCORE is:

  • Compact – Smaller Space
  • Optimized Surface – Media geometry
  • Robust – Withstanding variability in Feedwater
  • Efficient – Lower Opex and Capex

Lower OPEX

  • Lower mixing energy (disposal sludge, downtime, new seeding period)
  • Lower sludge generation


  • Civil cost impact: from 50% to 40% volume saving in tanks and/or buildings
  • Installation cost (less rotating equipment) and overall equipment savings

The Heart of MBBR Technology

Utilizing a non-clogging carrier with high active surface area is a key for successful MBBR system. Aquatech uses a high speed carrier media that offers several advantages over other MBBR media available in the market.


Additional Applications

BioCORE™ is also used in Aquatech’s modular solutions including BioMOD™ MBBR